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August 4, 2015 • 02:13 • 3 cuties here.

Assalamulaikum and hello everyone! Wow, it's already in August already. A month of "merdeka" for us in Malaysia and salam syawal for all muslim out there. Long time no reviews so yayy for a new one. 


Can you guess what it is?


If you ask me what parts of my body that I hate the most, I would answer it loudly which is EYES!


But thank god that I have this in my hands now! Introducing GHK Cu Cystal Eye Gel. Do you familiar with this product or not?


What makes this product so special apart from millions eye cream or eye gel outside there in market? Here is the the main highlights og an ingredients that would wow you in the eyes!

Did you know that only this products contain GHK Cu which can penetrates into the skin to enhance collagen production to firmer and more youthful-looking skin? Isn't it cool? Obviously you don't want to turn into grandma at early 20's.


Why you must have this product? Here's the things. Aloe Extract in GHK Cu Crytsal Eye Gel to reduce and wrinkles and add a healthier, young looking apperance to your skin.


An enviroment that we live now literally can harm us especially in Malaysia. So, MDI Complex to blend anti-aging to fight against free radicals. Not to mention that Neutrozen to prevent and sooth inflamation into the skin. Sound sooooo awesome ehh!

 Asyik asyik ingredients jer that I talk. Enough! Let's movin on what I adore on this eye gel.




I truly loved its packaging! The box in purple color just like above picture and the sticker of their product name in purple somemore. It is because purple is my current favourite color now.



The shape of its bottle is easy and fun to apply it. Just like a doctor eh.. Weee~ 



 For over two weeks of using it, I gotta said that I loved for its soothing and cooling sensation around my eyes. The smell of it doesn't heavy so ok la kan around the eyes. The gel also isn't that heavy and too sticky which make it easy to apply with.

How to apply it? Easy. Use daily morning and evening. Apply it around eye area in upward lifting motion including the eyelids.

 The price is RM 129.90 after discount now. Although it's pretty pricey but trust me, it's worth it to have it as one of your skincare items. 

You can shop this eye gel at this link. 
If this link doen't work out, then click for more beauty products express from Taiwan! 

So far, I am satisfied with this GHK Cu Crystal Eye Gel. Special thanks to Suki from BeautyTalk team for sponsoring me. Ok, hungry already. Goodbye ladies!


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