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May 2, 2015 • 09:29 • 0 cuties here.

Assalamualaikum and hello yall! It's funny that I should blog it yesterday but turned out to be today and tonight ( Malaysia Time). 

All I wanna shared with all of you is my current pinky motivational book from non other than my favorite blogger from Indonesia, Diana Rikasari!


Do you know her? She is sensational fashion blogger in Indonesia or perhaps in Asia maybe. What do I like about her is that she just wear it whatever come sense to her and to match with her personality. So quirky and fashionable! She's just do whatever that makes her happy which is why she came out with her own personal book, #88lovelife.

To be honest, I don't remember when did I bought it but I guess this year. Haha.


What I love is that the book's hard cover front and back is in the pink color that is suitable for all girls and woman!


Small, 88 pages filled with love and life experience to uplift, motivate and encourage you to face this world and this should be #whatsinsideofyourbag. 

Let's see what inside of it.



As you can see both front and back are the same. 


Here is quick biography of an author.


She's collaborated with her friends who is an illustrator Dinda Puspitasari who is also from Indonesia as well.

And here are some pages or motivational words from Diana Rikasari herself which help me to encourage myself that I would like to share with all of you. Who knows that maybe these might help you also right ;) ?





Wins my heart!


Always forgive people that hurts you because life is too short.


Oh,looks! There is sticker for you that you can stick at phone, books, cards or etc.

Overall, I really really really really enjoy reading this book. I mean, come on. It's just difficult to find such a rare book with colourful of such motivational words some more! It does helping me a lot when it comes to life. If my mood is down to bottom, I just pick this and read it on back again and again. And yes, the energy or "new me" will come back again. Thanks to you too, Diana.

Slice of my life:

Lately, Diana and her family started to move to their new house and she's also insanely decorating her house that filled with colors and all those quirky staff!


Her reading area.


Her work space facing the greenery scene.


Omg omg! I'm green with envy the moment I saw this on her blog. I wish that I could do an house tour to her house. Haha.

There is some information that I forgot to mention earlier. I bought this book at random instashop which I couldn't remember the seller name since it's not available in Malaysia. So, if you wish to buy this pink book, just hashtag #88lovelife on Instagram and it will direct you just in few seconds ( well, it depends on your speedy internet also, haha, just kidding fellas).

See you soon, fellas!


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