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April 28, 2015 • 07:45 • 0 cuties here.


Assalamualaikum and hello ladies!  Ah! Finally I can blog! So, the next day after finishing an Economy paper, Farhana and I set up a girl-friend date on Thursday to catch the all new "Fast And Furious 7". Did all of you have watched it yet or not? If not, you have to watch it as it is filled with thrilled and exciting elements compared to the other "Fast And Furious" versions. I do highly recommended this movie to all of you outside there! 

But before that, any Hello Kitty lovers outside there? If yes, raise up your hands to the air just like me as I'm going to tell you all about this cutie Hello Kitty boutique in my area, Alor Star which was none other than Kittylicious Boutique. I have seen a lot of my KPTM friends had post this on wechat. And it is situated at Jalan Pegawai along the same building with PC Depot and Al-Ikhsan Sport's Shop. Ha, if you are from my area, obviously you know this road. Haha. But don't worry as the end of the blog I will leave you its address so that you can find it easily once you wanna hit this boutique.


Not only it provides clothes, shawl, makeup, and etc.. it also comes along with Hello Kitty merchandises and all about Hello Kitty things!


Not to forget that this boutique also is cafe actually. 


Pick anything you like on-the-go from carbonated drinks to sweet bite that could melt easily onto your heart. 


Once you had choose whatever you wish to eat from freezer ( I'm so sorry that I'm forgotten to take photos of their frozen foods but hey, believe me they also got cakes and macaroni cheese at their small freezer ;) ) you can either heat it up or pick any cutlery that available here. See? even the garbage bin also Hello Kitty. Aww! 




I choose this one instead of macaroon. Well, there is a mini macaroon there. Since this drinks has become a viral in my area so, what am I waiting for? Try it first la. For me, the taste of this drinks is just so-so only. Warning: Only available in Kedah lol!




Cute props are available for you so selfie selfie selfie! That's the only thing us as the girls pro most. 


The Hello Kitty waiting seat so that you could ask your lovely boyfriend or friends sit there once you're shopping.



All in all, the Kittylicious Boutique is pretty small beyond my imagination before step into it. Somehow, we do feel comfortable since its also with cold air conditioner so not bad ok? Thanks to my lovely bestie Farhana for accompany me watching the movie along visited this Hello Kitty boutique. 

No. 24, Tingkat 1 Kompleks Sultan Abdul Hamid, 
Jalan Pegawai,
Alor Star, Kedah.

Above here is the address of this boutique if you wish to visit it. I can't wait to play at Hello Kitty Nusajaya Johor soon! In Sha Allah.


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