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May 11, 2015 • 11:27 • 1 cuties here.

Assalamualaikum and ola lola la! Gosh, super nerve-wrecking already I have felt since my result for me semester 4 is going to come up this Friday. Crossing finger to Allah hoping my result would be better although not dean is ok. Iredha. 

Have you ever realize that our foot are the one we usually neglect the most? We "used" it like almost everyday walking non stop even when we're in home.


Especially me wearing this Adidas Neo ballerina shoes all the time. It give me comfy all the time although it's already 5 years! Yet, no damage at all, aha. But that wasn't my concerns at all. My concerns is that once I started wearing shoes now, my feet tend to be sweat and produce a bad odour which I can't stand especially when I wore "close" shoes like this shoes. Gosh! Did you ever gone through just like me?


And for over a months, I discover this. Lovemore foot mask that I purchased from Sasa since I never ever used any one of the foot mask and I think this would be great! Who knows this might help me to cover up my concerns? So, I give it to try since I couldn't help adoring this cute packaging mask! Aww, you know that I'm shoes addict, Lovemore! 


A lil bit of Lovemore brand. It's well known for face mask in Taiwan and now they come up with foot mask,nail mask and hand mask! From RM 20 onwards you can purchase this at Sasa outlet or Sasa online webstore.


Let's see how it's working. You only have to wear it for about 30 minutes for absorption. Haha, the foot mask is like a lil bit of paper-feel actually.


After the 30 minutes, my feet still feel a lil bit sticky due to its liquid which I'm really impressed with it but some how I like it for reducing my feet odour.

All in all, it wasn't that bad using this foot mask for my first time since it's reducing my feet odour and it's really affordable for me. Plus, it is an easy as ABC for you to apply it on your feet just like what I done above. So, I give it 4 STARS!! Wasn't that bad huh?


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