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March 12, 2015 • 05:55 • 4 cuties here.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! fuh, almost one month I left off my blog. Yah, you know la, my final exam is around the corner and I obviously can't wait to my semester break so that I could be a koala bear for a month and "qadar" my sleep. Muahaha.. 
I started to have back imsomnia. You know, student life la.

Okay, straight forward. I felt lazy to update my blog and talk mumbling bla bla bla here so here is my shorty blog post about my favourite food all the time. Can you guess what is my favourite food? Bet that you can said it through my blog post title there. Yeap peeps, my favourite food would definitely be an instant noodles of also known as "maggi" in Malaysia. Even me also wondering why on earth Malaysian people called it as "maggi". Perhaps from the brand I guess. See,how does brands can influence us? 


Introducing to you, Kimchi Instant Noodle by Super. So, why did I choose this flavour instead of others? well, it because kimchi was inside there! I am eager to give it myself a try on Kimchi since I never ever taste any Korean delicacies so this is my golden opportunity to try since it comes in instant noodles cup. Oh, Lol!

Last time when my mama wasn't around at home, I went to Aeon Big and get myself some foods there. Honest I say, when I strolled around shopping mall, especially around the supermarket, I tend to hit it at instant noodles self. Haha.. weird isn't it? But I just truly can't live without "maggi". LOL!
It is truly a must in my kitchen. Once you're a student just like me, then you will get it what I meant.


How its look like. Urgh, plain and dull eh!


An extra ingredients to add on! Um.. yum yum! 


Tadaa! Super Kimchi Instant Noodle has finally cooked and been add up with their additional ingredients with Kimchi on top of it!

What can I said is, this instant noodle is truly spicy and I'm okay with it since I'm also a huge lover of spicy food. I can't doubt of it. What I'm not certainly like here is that the kimchi is just so so-so. Means that it tasted like a plain veggie only. Hopefully, Super can improved on that. If you're a muslim just like me, fret not as it is 100% halal. this instant noodles also cheap on  size too.

Yeah, that's all I wanna said it folks. I wanna have some rest now, goodnight.


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