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February 3, 2015 • 23:25 • 2 cuties here.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! Hah, finally, I managed to find Wi-Fi here in my campus. I thought that my Office Software class start on 2:00 p.m but then my friend,Hani mentioned back to me that the class actually started on 1:00 p.m . It's no wonder that the moment I entered the class just now, everyone watched me with their weirdo faces and everyone already in the class. Haha.. One thing that I disguise about the Wi-Fi here is their quota limit. Each and one of us as student only been provided with 1GB quota while the lecturers with 1.5GB if I'm not mistaken. Wish that they could throw away the quota limit tho.  

Remember my last post about Deco Cafe? Perhaps you won't. As much as local cafe started to growing wildly around my area Alor Setar, so does the vendor boutique too. After having my late late lunch at Deco Cafe, I decided to wonder in Emilyrose Collections Vendor Concept Boutique situated very very very near Deco Cafe. Ala, sebelah dia aje senang kata la..  For me, the vendor boutique is much cheaper rather than the other well known brands like H&M, Forever21,Mango and etc. Plus, what I like about vendor boutique is that they provided more than just a fashion like cakes, cookies and the list goes on.

Here are the photos that I secretly took from Emilyrose Collections Vendor Boutique Store.


Lazy ass me to snap their shop banner so just took this photos only la. More than just shawl and dress isn't it? Here are also their contact details that you might wanna get in touch with them.


Clothes,clothes and clothes! I love it! 


Babies and kids section's here :)




Any shoes lover here? 


Not only varies with apparel and etc, they also don't forget to deco deco their wall. I seriously in love with their wallpaper decorations. Kinda remind me of vintage feeling lol!


You can ask your boyfriend or hubby wait for your shopping while playing Clash Of Clans ( COC) by sitting there comfortably although it may seems a bit girly. Well at least, boys know what to do while you shop till you drop,right? 


Foodie and beverage section. UMM...YUMMIEH! 


Korean jewelleries on top of the rack while perfumes on below rack. Forgot to mention here that henna red that used to draw hand's tattoo and buttons on the middle of the rack.


One thing that really really caught my eyes on that day is their wide range of Cathy Doll items. I thought that Cathy Doll was manufactured in Korea but then in Thailand actually although it was from Korea. Woo.. cannot wait to give it try to their bath series. 


In the end, I ended up buying this only LOL. Not that bad huh when I try it on my nose. My nose area is slighly reduce it's oilness and blackhead. You know how much I hate blackhead? In the end also, I ended up losing this tiny black clay mask. Duh, I don't know where I placed it in my room since I don't use it all. Just use it a little little proportions only. Huhu..

All in all, I really enjoy wondering there and bought only tiny lil thing there since I do feel comfortable the moment I entering their vendor boutique since it's provided with an air conditioner. The price isn't that bad and if you wish to distribute or place your business item there, the price offering from RM30 onwards.(I ask their sales girl there,so I know,lol) When it comes to decoration, I have to admit that I love their wall decorations. It's truly remark it's own local vendor boutique here.

Definitely I can't wait to explore the other vendor boutique store here!


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