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November 1, 2014 • 10:01 • 0 cuties here.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! First of all, Happy Novermber everyone! But then, I would like to apologize since disappearing for couple of months due to my hectic crazy time! Yeah, I miss my blog so mucho eh!

Anyway, I would like to talk about our bed outfit or sleep outfit! Yayy! ergh.. sounds more awkward actually!

I decided to write this since I saw in Vivi March or April Issue regarding on Kansai Reader talk about their happy bedtime outfit which give me an inspiration to write out on my blog instead! And here is my bedtime outfit!




                                                      Singapore T-Shirt: present from my dear sister
                                                      Love Long Pant::   Giant

This is my usual night time outfit rather than short pants and tee. Biasalah, dekat rumah aje kan?hehe.. Lately, my wardrobe seems to have a less long pants. So, during my walk at Giant Superstore, there just a small stall having a sell which is t-shirt and long pants for only RM10 only! How cool is that,huh?

So, I just grab this love long pants pattern instantly and worn on that night too! The pants is just so comfy yet affordable prices some more! How on earth I'm gonna find like this later on?huhu.. Do you have any night time outfit? What is it then? A lingerie or etc? Do leave your comments below! I would love to know more!


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