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September 22, 2014 • 05:29 • 1 cuties here.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! Fuh! it's has been long time i didn't updated my blog! Habis bersawang bagai dah blog ni aku tengok! I was in a midst of preparing for my final which I couldn't log in into my blog frequently plus with overload of assignment some more! Which is prove to me that all of my lecturers love me so much then! Haha..  

I log in my blog due to my study week and calm myself before final this Wednesday. Well, I gotta say that I have a things to share here but then I wanna start first with my Lebaran 2014 outfit shall we?



                                                 Dress: made by my relatives
                                                 Watch: GUESS
                                      Floral shawl:  no brand

This post should wrote in Syawal's week but then I thought that it's kinda early which make me postponed My mama decided to purchase the fabrics material all the way from KL and asked my relatives to make it. I gotta say that I adore every dress that she has made to me and I satisfied each of it by the way. To be honest, I kinda lost an idea to blog actually as I left it for long time but hey! do leave your comments below so that I can improve my blog more and I would love to read your comments too!


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