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June 20, 2014 • 07:06 • 0 cuties here.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! I know that it is been a while! However, I do not have any single worried anymore about the internet connection! Yayy! *throws some confetti please*

First of all, I would like to dedicated this blog post to all men outside there in case that they're searching a new skincare product. Back to our story morry today! Last week, I have received some lovely gift from Loreal Men Expert which was their first ever BB Gel. The reason why I blogged this a lil bit late is because I wanna see result from my father where he is just so overwhelming getting this product for his birthday and Father's day exactly.

Honest I say, me as a regular skincare user, this is my first time ever hearing the BB Gel from a men. I mean,come on! Usually any kinds of BB Cream at the market just targeting for a women like us! I mean, for me, a lady-to-be. Insyaallah. Haha.. It may sounds like I'm trying to bluff all of you but it is true!Yes, this is the first ever BB Gel for men! Definitely! Won't believe me? Alright,see a pic below!



The packaging is just so sophisticated for me.



50 Ml of BB Gel and it's description.

Their new skin correction technology developing the BB Gel targeting for those who have a dullness, blemishes, dark spot tired of the daily imperfections with unique formula powered by skin correcting micro-beads.


How does this product helps men with their face problems? Definitely with hydration of all day long and continously infuses energy promising with non greasy,non sticky along with natural healthy effect.


This BB Gel also helps brigthens up, conceal any spot and marks,energizes including hydrates all day. I'm sorry that I am not good at reviewing a man's skincare products. I took a picture like I review a women skincare products lol.







And here are some extra useful information regarding on this product that you might wish wanna know more.

Along this week, I have noticed that my father's face is more energizes that before! Sorry to say that, I don't want to post my father's picture due to his privacy. Hope all of you understand my situation.

The good news is this BB Gel is now available for major stores of Watson and Guardian. Do hit these stores to grab it before its sold out!

Slice of my life:

Say YES! to my all new YES Broadband with super high speed and unlimited internet. Hohoho..


Compact,light and most of all can carry to anywhere,anytime by just inserting into your handbag!

That's all folks! Hope you and any men outside there enjoy reading my blog post this time.Thank you for 50 followers! I am truly appreciated it! See ya later!

                                                 Disclaimer: This blog post is bought to you by Loreal Men Expert.


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