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June 24, 2014 • 22:27 • 2 cuties here.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! Hope all of you have a blast of Wednesday! Lately I am just super craving for having a sweet and melty donuts! And some how, I discovered something new and delicate around my town! But first, lemme reveal a bit of it,ya?


Yeah, I'm having a biggish dinner on that night! Muahaha..


I'm in love with sweet pastry things so why not I'm share with all of you right? Introducing House Of Mini located at Alor Star Mall for those who are in area of Alor Star just like me. They come up with the idea of tiny yet sweet of donuts and mini cupcake. Providing bunch of flavors to choose from.


I decided to bought 6 round of tiny donuts to give it a try at a promotional price on that time around RM 7! How awesome is that,huh? At first I thought that I could mix with a mini cupcakes but the sales girl said "CANNOT!" Which means if you wish to buy both at the same time, you have to buy 6 donuts and 6 mini cupcakes at different box.


What I really like about House of Mini is that their donuts and mini cupcake were place carefully in this pinky box. I think the pink color was their trademark business,hehe.. As you can see the small box placing "to" and "from" which pretty convenient for us if you wish to give their donuts or even mini cupcakes to your loved ones as a present.


I decided to choose all of this to give it a try.


1 more thing that I forgot to mention here is that, their donuts were not too sweet which is perfect for all ages to eat.


Available in Alor Star Mall. So,what do you waiting for? Go and grab it on the go instead!


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