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May 19, 2014 • 11:42 • 0 cuties here.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! I'm back with my OOTD. Plus, I just found some lovely shop while window shopping in City Plaza. Yet,I bought some stripe dress since I am monotone lover. Guess stripes never fade out each season,huh?





                                                      Dress: Nomono Fashion @CityPlaza
                                                      Skirt  : Riffaa
                                                      Watch: GUESS
                                                       Scarf: No brand

I match up this slim stripes dress with my mermaid skirt which you might have seen on my post of Last Winter. It isn't that bad mix it up with that skirt by the way.


Advertorial: GlassesOnline

Sick of using the same pair of old glasses? Wanna switch on the next style of new pairs of glasses? Or.. searching the aunthenthic circle lenses? I got all your trillion question here! Introducing GlassesOnline!


For your information, GlassesOnline bought a variety and sure of 100% of original brand of glasses,sunglasses and circle lenses for you to choose from! I'm pretty sure that you might interested enough looking for a pair of sunglasses for this summer especially in Malaysia weather.


My most favorite things here in GlassesOnline is they also bought a brand of GEO, the most well known brands of circle lenses entire Asia and other countries as well. I always afraid buying the fake circle lenses especially through a brand of GEO  but here I don't have to worry about since they do own the original certification of original of this brand. Yeehaa! Did you know that the best part of all is they also accepted the cash deposit which I think is much safer to make the payment(if you leave in Malaysia,la). Don't you worry as they also accepting the PayPal,Credit Card and also Cash On Delivery.


They are also offering a free delivery! Isn't it cool? That's not all, I just had to wait for only 10 days for my parcel to arrive in front of my house as I live in Kedah.



Bought two pairs of circle lenses to my kpoppers twin, Hana! She's just over the moon whenever she saw this. Ahaha...


Circle lenses for me and my k-pop's twins. Jeeez...I couldn't resist the cuteness of this box! Simply adorable!


Forgot to mention here, they are also offering shipping worldwide too so you don't have to worry about. If you wanna know more, simply hit

It's finally 2.40 a.m in the Malaysia now. Gonna hit my sack now! Adios, ladies!


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