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March 23, 2014 • 09:22 • 0 cuties here.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! Honestly, everyday was filled with unforgettable moments around me,really I had no idea regarding this but yet I have returned back to my blog ladies! Haha.. this is my last outfit for last autumn as Spring is slowly approaching us and through my survey of Popteen magazines, gigham going to be huge comeback and pastel colors too! Me lovin it!

Let put it aside and moving on to my blog post first,okay?






                                                                    Bawal scarf: no brand
                                                                     Knit top     : Nina's Closet
                                                           Top(worn inside) : Gap
                                                            Mermaid skirt     : Riffaa
                                                                      Watch        : GUESS

My mama such a clever lady! She's the one who suggested to me this outfit and I added some pop colors by pairing with my peach bawal scarf so that it won't turn out to be dull and I love the cutting of my mermaid skirt. Actually, it is in plum color of my mermaid skirt. I  do suggest wearing the knit top during the raining day especially in Malaysia as it can warm us up just like in winter time.


Okay, I'm dragging back our aside topic just now and let's sneak peak into the spring's prediction by Egg magazine. Long time I haven't browse Egg magazine as I'm not favor much this Japanese magazine yet somehow my eyes glued whenever I saw the cover for March 2014. This is absolutely true as people use to mention "don't judge a book by its cover"and I do judge a book! PS: only for a book la I judge by its cover. Please don't misunderstood -.- .


I want! I want! I want! The sailor jacket just like above..


Gigham always and forever never dies one..kiki..

So,what do you guys predict bout the S/S 2014? Any comments,recommendations? Do leave your comments below!I would love to know from you!


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