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March 29, 2014 • 03:22 • 0 cuties here.

" Kring Kring " ! Excuse me,what's sounds is that? isn't that from your smartphone? Ehem..Assalamualaikum everyone and horla ladies! I guess each one of you at least nowadays own a smart handphone or probably just a simple phone, isn't it? This few years, I have to admit that I am a handphone junkie and keep changing. I just don't know why on earth would this certain things happened to me..hihi..

Did you know that the kids from early ages such as 8 years would be crying and begging if they do not get a phone? How insane is that,isn't it? Even me myself get a phone when I was at Standard 6 -.- . As new era is moving with evolving technology, new phone with a higher wow functions also available in the markets each day! I bet that your mouth will turn into "O" once you had read the information below!

ipmart infographic

Even me myself were so shocked once I read this infographic!


I just got a new phone cover for my Iphone which is Chanel inspired Perfume bottle.



Deco and bling bling...



My birthday is just around the corner and my sweetest ever brother and Kak Yana gave me this phone casing as advance birthday gift plus I have been wanted the deco-ing and bling bling design for so badly! It is quite hard to search some particular phone casing just like this in my area somemore.

ipmart 2

Looking for a new Iphone 5s? Fret not,ladies! Ipmart provides several designs of a new Iphone for you to choose from! But,wait! I got a new surprise for all of you outside there! Roll a drum please!


Tadaaa! RM 15 discount with a minimum purchase of RM 100 when you shop at Ipmart. What are you waiting for? Hit for a shop! Just use a code above!

you all, I gotta go now since I have to break a leg for my final exam! Bubbye!


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