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October 25, 2013 • 02:29 • 0 cuties here.

Salam and hello hello everyone!I am finally back with my reviews. Frankly speaking, I am not expert reviewer yet I still improving myself to be a better reviewer actually.Alright, I would like to review one of my favorite lipstick so far which is Peripera Tint Jelly in Sky Stick.What is Peripera actually and where is it came from?Here are fun trivia that I found when I read it inside of Vivi August 2013.

The name Peripera is originated from the Persian mythology,"Peri" a nymph and "Pera" a magical object.The brand was created in 2005,however Peripera is the younger sister of CLIO, another well-known Korean cosmetic brand.The brand's signature kitschy and cute packaging was the result of Peripera teaming up with graphic artist Mari Kim.

Woah! How cool is that fun trivia!


I actually bought this lipstick for a longer time already but no time for me to review here due to my hectic and stressful life.The reason why I wanna bought it so so much due to it's kawaii packaging.It's slightly make me memorized of one of 2ne1's music video,"Hate You".Honestly,I haven't throw it's outer packaging because so cute plus due to expensive price some more! I seldom to switch on my flash camera so why not I try it on,isn't it?


Without the flash,a normal light only.


How I wish that I could read in Korean language, *sigh*

2013-08-25 18.14.13

Enough with the outer packaging,moving on to the products.This lipstick mainly enriched with argan oil and grape seed oil to give vitality to lips.

Peri tint jelly in sky stick

My first impression whenever I saw this lipstick,I was like,wow!Did my lips would turn into blue if I apply this to my lips? But my thought was absolutely wrong!It turn up to be into soft pink color.*Sigh*. How I wish my lips would turn into blue,it would be much fun!


Here is the result after applying it onto my lips.I tend to apply it slowly so that it won't ruined my lips.

            -My lips are more moisturized and it's color stay up for a longer time
                  -I don't need to touch up anymore
                  -Easy and light so that you could put inside of your mini pocket or handbag
                   -Packaging are so lovely

             -so pricey(I don't remember the price already but so pricey!)
                   -does not contains any SPF
                   -the color would be too bright if you tend to apply it for a multiple times

Overall, I loves this product.Shall I buy it again?If I have a lot of money then,aha! For your information ladies outside who are stay nearby Alor Star can get this items at Watsons Pacific Star Parade at this moments.They are also carry wide range of lips products of Peripera for you to choose from!And and, they are also carry Peripera's sister,CLIO products too!What are you waiting for?Head on to the Watsons for those who are eager to try on this products!

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Don't know why I so eager much to wear back this baju kurung while I so hate this when my mama bought it,haha!

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