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October 12, 2013 • 02:33 • 0 cuties here.

Salam and ola! Finally,that I have a freedom from class and tones of assignment because I am in semester break!Tell me who on earth doesn't enjoy holiday? I bet everyone would love it too.And here is my POOTD(Personal Outfit Of The Day)




                                            shawl/tudung bawal: no brand
                                             baju kurung            : no brand
                                              clutch                     : Mydin Mall
                                              flower ring             : Reedana Golds
                                              bracelet                  :  Habib Golds&Jewellery

Frankly speaking,I'm much seldom to wear back this baju kurung.It is quite useless to keep it inside of my wardrobe without wearing it so I wore it back to the classes and to be honest with you,it gives me a "cool" feeling.I knew that all of you won't understand of what did I mean it,right?I mean,I won't sweat a lot when I wore it.

However, I am so thankful to my mama since she is sweet enough bought to me a gold flower ring from Reedana Golds since she knows that how much I have been longing for a ring yet I never took off this ring from my finger.For me,ring are simple accessories which can match with any of my outfit.


Oh ya,forgot to mention! I will be back for more skincare reviews so,stay tuned girls!

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