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December 15, 2012 • 03:43 • 0 cuties here.

Hello there ladies!I am finally back after MIA for a week in KL.Absolutely no mood in doing anything,haha^^!I knew lah that u guys don't miss me,right?But nevermind.I am just graduate from my high school last November.I feel that it just yesterday I had entered the Convent High School.ha..time fly super fast until we didn't even noticed it and now I am still confused choosing which university I should choose to further my studies in law?I wish that I will not burn a lot of efforts in my parent's shoulder anymore.I know that most of us hates school.Even,including me too.There is certain times where I feel that I like the school and even there is times where I feel that school is the place  where I can throw my anger to it.Lot of homework,hear the rambling from teachers and so on.Now,I do not need to feel it anymore since I graduate from my school.Simple graduation day,but forever and ever would be in my heart.Always and forever.


There is times we ended up in a huge fighting but you know lah it is already a bittersweet in our family.I mean,in class LOL.We are the huge FAMILY OF 5 BAKTI 2012!I am soo glad to be part of it.Thanks a lot,everybody!

 In Physics's Lab for a week!geeeez!We miss our class!

 Geng Kaki Sembang

  Vern,what the hell are u doing?

 Vern(the peace one) is already fine


my lovely family

  old pictures,4 Bakti 2011 we're just super naughty one,haha!

Not stopping yet,my dear best friends are always there to support me whenever I need it.

  Thank you for being there whenever I need it.Friends from 2008-until now!

I was being selected to become school prefects.Although I made a mistake,but that mistake taught me to become a better person.


 my second mummy,she never scream to the students and she is going to retire soon,happy retirement,Madam Chua.All the lesson that you have taught I will make use of it wisely,thank you soo much!

Not to forget my seniors&junior of SMKC's prefects that already helping me a lot whenever I am in trouble.


And that's not all,I am proud to show my honour to..
my jpam frenz.._副本
Becoz of you,I can get away from hustle and bustle by joining all the camping trip that organized by JPAM.I feel little tired but all are worthy.

Through the high school,I learnt a lot of things to mature myself.I would never forget friends,junior,senior and all of teachers at SMKC.Thank you,everyone.

xiao han                                               

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