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November 29, 2012 • 22:40 • 0 cuties here.

Hey lovely gyarus outside there!I am finally back after finish off my SPM.Pretty tough this year but I can gone smoothly through with it.Yet,I am still alive,haha!


Frankly speak,I have tones of blog post need to be post.Duh,I accepted the challenge!I am feeling weird after being blogged.I mean,yeah I tend to forget anything that I used to love after SPM.Does anyone here can help me remember it?As comeback special,I would like to post about SLY X MOUSSY 2012 A/W Collections.I have a reason why I wanna post this athough I am not familiar with moussy&sly's brand.Just enjoy the pictures or enjoy the discriptions!

black by moussy 1 2012 aw_副本
                           Black By moussy

black by moussy 2012 aw 2_副本

black by moussy 2012 aw3_副本

black by moussy 2012 aw4_副本

sly 2012 aw_副本

sly 2012 aw2_副本

sly 2012 aw3_副本

sly 2012 aw4_副本

In my opinion,black by moussy seems to be plain instead of sly.I started to like Sly already hehe since known from VIVI Malaysia.


And yesss,in conjuction with Isetan X Foruchizu,both brands above will be in Isetan KLCC First Floor from today onwards until 3rd Jan 2013 with the other japanese brand as well which I couldn't remember it.Poor me,I have such a poor memories and you could meet Cheesie from and Audrey from today!Isn't is aweeesome??I wish I could see them today


Join Isetan too for..
Isn't that great event this school holiday?Damn it,I miss something here!

On 8 Dec,Saturday from 3.00 p.m until 3.30 pm got Love Japan Fashion Show in Isetan KLCC too!What are you waiting for?Don't miss this extravanganza event awaits you,ladies!

Slice of my life:
      Japanese goods mania

     Saving my money just to buy this camera.How damn that this camera has just enter Malaysia although it is already here in Asia for sooo damn long?Anyway,if anyone here know of it's price,please drop your comments below.See my instagram beside my blog?It's my first time having my instagram accounts!Please follow me on instagram on @foreverxiaohan.

Thank you for stopping by and lotsa blog post coming up soon!


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