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March 30, 2012 • 21:10 • 0 cuties here.

I don't even know why I'm bother to blog in this early morning.Early morning?I guess so,haha! :)) Today was my birthday,Yayy!I'm officially 17 years old this year and I'm ready to sit for SPM!

Gomen ne!I am so behind on blogging this travelog!I am to much for blog post that is why I have to leave it for while but I think this is the time for me to write bout this.My father willing to bring us to Hatyai on the first day of Chinese New Year.Thank God,it wasn't sea of human but still on that day.We went only for a day and went back at night,hehe^^.

See,we had to queue just to enter the boarding pass on that day!

Just because we arrived on afternoon,we stop for a while to enjoy the lunch.Don't worry there are several halal restaurant to stop.To tell the truth,their food was soo delicious and not to forget,their hot&spicy tomyam.My favourite :D!

We head on to the Ice Place immediately after lunch.That place had just open on that time.The ticket only for 300 baht some sort like that and approximately around RM30.Cheap right?

Me and the person in my life behind me.Sorry,it is privacy for me.

We just there for about 2 hour and head to their shopping mall.We want to go to Central Shopping Mall but on that time that shopping mall is closed due to Chinese New Year if I'm not mistaken.We just went to Diana Shopping Mall that just a mile from Central.Nothing attract me much on that shopping mall and I went back to Malaysia with an empty hand.So,gomen ne for nothing haul!I think that's all for this travelog.

Today was my birthday and I should celebrate it in my way :D!

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