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March 11, 2012 • 05:05 • 0 cuties here.

OK.This is not ordinary blog post like I do post.Today,maybe different.I'm glad that my bestie called me this afternoon.I just can't wait to meet her again.Yes,I'm going to chit-chat a bit about this woman,Rui Kotobuki.Do you know her?Poor you guys.Let me explain briefly.*ahem ahem*


Rui Kotobuki used to be a Popteen models.She started her on careers there since 2009.Then,why on earth I wanna talk about her today?You better guess it.Got it?no?oh no!She used to be my favourite for her supa niceee hair.You might think that Imma insane.No larh,I like her for a simple hair,in a Yuru Simple.What the hell Yuru Simple?Yuru Simple is the simple in simple gyaru.Haha^^ sorry if you guys don't understand bout it.Unfortunately,I had to say goodbye for her as she is going to graduate from Popteen.Probably she is already old?And not as suit for Popteen since that magazine is for some sort for kogyaru?And Popteen March 2012 is her last spread!



Although she wasn't there already,she continue her beautiful journey as singer with Aya Suzuki and others.Goodbye Rui,I shall meet you someday!

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