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March 1, 2012 • 22:26 • 2 cuties here.

The intensive class is started.My nose was bleeding yesterday but I don't even noticed it =.=.Yayy,my sister was born with a baby boy yesterday!And the funniest thang,she and her husband wanna put their child's name same as her husband name!Congratulations to her and yes,I started to miss my mom since she is in Kuala Lumpur to accompany my sister.For your information,Garula has been released their collections.Do enjoy the pictures or just over descriptions!

          Love their new slogan

      Their new bag which cost 10,500 yen!Oh gosh!









    My opinion is,Garula brings the style some sort an egg style and towards the western this year compared last year.Which designs you like the most between all of it?Share your thoughts below!

    Absolute Darling will be air right after the Skip Beat on this 25th of March.Da dong,why the fuck you have such a nice body?*drooling&jaw drops*

Thank you for stooping by and I leave you with Bigbang's new song,Bad Boy.I really miss you,daesung!


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