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January 24, 2012 • 01:06 • 2 cuties here.

The weather around my area is getting hot and sorry that i'm away from blog for a while.I got to play the new orange kitten meow!But,first off,Xin Nian Kuai Le!Happy Chinese New Year of 2012.I hope that the year of water dragon  can bring you a lot of happiness and prosperity.Can you give me an ang pow?*making a cute face*
Seriously,I don't even have any mood to blog.I just realize that I got so much post that need to be shared with you guys in this tiny space.Ok larh,moving on to our topic today.Last holiday,I got soo much time spending in home doing nothing.Then,my mom encouraged me to learn baking.Masak lauk pown x reti,hehe^^.Therefore,she taught me how to bake it.I vaguely taught that one day,maybe I will run my mom cooking business when she passed away.

    before baking must camwhore!Capture it during the night,hehe^^

    here is the ingredient

adun,adun,adun/mix it,mix,and mix



After waiting around one hour something like that,TADAA!Finally,it's finished baking.Sorry,mommy already cut the cake on that time,not allowing me to capture it.

The taste:aweesome!That was my first tried and would never think of it!!1000x max likey!

Soo guys,on this chinese new year,no matter how busy you are,try to spend days with your family ones.They are more precious that any money could not buy them.Oh,Spongebob is already started.Remember,always appreciate your loved ones!

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