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December 22, 2011 • 06:17 • 0 cuties here.

Well,hello sweetie pies!I come back with my new post as I was mentioned last week that I will review sexy look x hello kitty's whitening mask.Sexy Look is one of the famous mask in Taiwan and it is currently received huge hit from Asia.Sexy look has been collaborate with sanrio for a long time actually.I was always wanted to try their mask as I never try any one of sexy look's mask.Finally,I got it on last two weeks.Disclaimer:Actually,I haven't wear any mask since once I got chicken pox's acne.I was soo humiliated with my face on that time.It took around two months for my face to heal.I brave myself to buy one mask from googoo's beauty store.This was the only one left inside of that store.I was soo lucky to get it ne!Let's take a look for the mask.
                  It was 100% in chinese at it is made from Taiwan.But,I can understand a bit,hehe^^Sorry as I forgotten about the "ingredient" inside of this mask.

Once I open up the mask,I was just like,"OMG!The smell of rose was pleasant eh!I keep smelling the left liquid of mask in the packaging and sayang to throw it away.But,I have to give up.Must throw that packaging although it was superr cute!

         My face was dull at first.PS:I do not edit my picture unless resize the picture only.

           I know,I look soo scary,right?

    Not only for face,your neck also can get a kiss too!

           The mask came in 3D where your ears also can get a benefit from the mask too!

 Sooo cute with Sanrio Hello Kitty's characters.I'm totally apologize as I forgot to snap in front of mask.

What I like about the mask that it is comes in 3D.However,I don't feel comfortable while wearing it as it was too tight for me.

My skin experiences a bit whitening.My skin textures also feel quite smooth than before.

Fast absorbtions.I keep touching my face after mask-ing.
The mask was too tight for me.Maybe,I am too young for wearing a mask.However,I am soo glad that my face was a bit whitening than before.

Next week,I will reviewing another hello kitty's mask but another company one.Not under sexy look anymore but under beauty diary.

      Look!Yan yalun did a performances for ntv7's Star Live!


      Great news for this christmas season as Googoo is having a sale.Kindly visit their store and new branch was finally opened at Gurney Plaza,Penang.Now I don't have to go to Sasa Penang just to get my need items since I have Googoo!

  Izu got new song!

Thanks for reading this post and visit my blog again for next week as I will reviewing another mask.Sorry for my poor english and weirdo post!


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