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December 27, 2011 • 02:41 • 4 cuties here.

Hey there sweetie pies!Christmas eve is now over and here comes the new year's eve.I wish that time could repeat back and I now,history never repeated.I really don't know about next year because I will be sitting for the biggest exam entired my life,Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia aka S.P.M.Maybe I wouldn't blog to much for next year soo sorry.

Oh well,today I will be continue bout my mask review.My skin textures is getting fine and smooth!Thank you,masks!The masks that I will be reviewing is from Beauty Diary Mask which I get from Googoo Beauty Store too!They brought tones of authentic masks from the Asia!Please visit their stores!However,let take a look of mask.

                                     the front
                                    the back.100% of chinese

 The mask also is from Taiwan.That's why it is in chinese.However,this mask don't have in Watson at my area.Watson around my area was soo poor.

                The mask's sheet comes is in thin unlike the Sexy Look,very thick making me uncomfortable to use it.

You have no idea that once I opened up the package,I was please by its strong smells of strawberry.Hm..I didn't smell any of honey at all.

       I was playing the game while mask-ing session

What game this I play?Plants vs Zombies!Crap!I have to repeat this game back since I format back my lappie.And now,I don't have to worry anymore since my lappie was secured with anti-virus and my lappie 'smell' soo new eh!Just like yesterday I bought it lol!

Overall,here is my review of this mask,Jeng Jeng Jeng!

         comes in Sanrio characters,Hello Kitty

    unlike the Hello Kitty Sexy Look's Mask,the mask's sheet is very in thin layer than the    previous one.So comfortable to use it.However,it does not in 3D style

        took several minutes to absorb it.

       Absolutely moisturise since my skin was very dull and in dry conditions

     I like it since it was in thin layer plus its moisturise really refresh my skin however.I shall purchase it again.I like the both Hello Kitty's masks from different producers,yet same country,Taiwan.

The school is going to open again.Have you bought your school books,bags,and school needs?I haven't bought my school books yet but I don't need the school needs since my school uniform,bags and pencil case is still hai hao.I started to miss the school atmosphere and the annoying principal.*evil me*Next year I am still me.The next me would probably senior or big sister.Ahaha,I can bully the junior and most probably,the new fresh students,Form 1.*evil me again*Anyway,I can't wait to meet my old bestie tomorrow since it is register day and straight proceed to Pulau Pangkor.Non-stop holiday!I hope you'll like my blog post and kindly leave the comment bout the mask^^

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