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December 9, 2011 • 07:59 • 2 cuties here.

What a tired week I have!

Oh well,I kinda miss the blogsphere.Sorry for long time no writing anything on blog.Anyway,I back from my vacation this week.I still remember my father's word,"adik,do you want to go to Kuala Lumpur?You can visit the auto shows in Kuala Lumpur".When I arrived there,I asked my brother- in-law whether he knew bout this since I was staying in my sister's apartment during our vacation.Hehe,can save up money.You wanna know what was my brother's answer?The answer is HE DO NOT KNOW BOUT THIS!!I was just like,"omg,are you fuckin kidding me,bro?Somehow,we do not attend the auto show in PWTC.We end up shopping around the Malaysia's Capital City.I was big boss for the whole week and my brothers was driver.Muahaha!


                                                         Back to the real topic
Like I said before,I went to the famous shopping mall only lol.I wanna go to the Sungei Wang but I just realize that my money was almost on the drain already.Okey larh,here is my haul.



      Went to my favourite japanese store,Daiso Japan.Everything that you guys seen on picture above only cost me around RM5 since every each items inside that store only RM5.However,I never thought that that store also have the items which was from Rm5 to Rm40!I saw that price on Daiso Japan's One Utama,Damansara.



I have been searching this items for too long.Behind the picture.My real brother refused to bring me to Twin Tower since Malaysia only got one Kinokuniya in this country and Kinokuniya was only situated in Twin Tower.I keep forcing my brother to go it there.And yes!He finally agreed!Once I reached that Kinokuniya,I was immediately went to the chinese books conner.Thank god,it was there.The book was included the items above.Aww,Yiru,you was extremely nice included the Cd together with your book!




I was already finished watching that cd.Calvin showed around the Vancouver.The place where he was usually studied,an interesting place to be visited.The small booklet is about the Vancouver's education.The grad point that you should get,the scholarship,how much costs needed for further studied around that.However,I haven't started reading that book yet,Hehee^^Let sneak peek about this book.





On the third day,I was my brain was already stop for a while.I didn't know where to wonder around anymore.Finally,my brother bought us to Sunway City,Petaling Jaya.Yes,for all of you guys outside there don't know or might know already,there is a Sunway Lagoon,which was a water amusement park.Don't worry,there is also outdoor activities around there like roller coaster and etc.There is also er ice thang.Ugh,I am sorry.I was forgotten already bout that word.Duibuqi!


Long time no enter Forever 21.Dammit!There was bunch of clothes inside there making me wanna buy that store.Oh,this loose t-shirt cost me around RM69.90.I have been looking for this loose t-shirt for long time.Why Kedah don't have such a thang like this huh?



                 F21 receipt was so nice,eh!They are also having a christmas sale!Hurry up,guys!Visit your nearest F21.

Bought this from my brother's girlfriend.The price?Everything was RM70.Thank you sis Nina.Everything was soooo nice!

Terlompat hari pulak dah!I got this booklet for free when I walk around the Tokyo Street in Pavilion on the second day.

I think that's all for the haul this time.Since I don't have internet connection during my vacation,I was suprising shocked seeing my chinese twitter aka weibo was full of Fahrenheit's post.Everyone seems to "tweet" about Fahrenheit's reunion for Taiwan's Tourism Board.Sooo,SPAM!

Love seeing them reunited like this

                       He looks smart and edgy on that day


Will you stop eating for a while,Chunnie?hmm..

            oh my,Da dong!!

       Yalun has sweet smile on that day.Aww!

    Why you are fucking cute,huh?Can't enough like thas!

Seriously,when I'm going to see them reunite again like this,huh?I'm truly apologize if my post this time seen kinda weird since I can't think correctly today.Haha,today only lol.*yawn*Nite guys!

miss xiao han


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