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November 18, 2011 • 07:31 • 0 cuties here.

*massage the feet*uh,hi guys!I'm just came back from Padang Besar shopping with my sister,mama and my brother in-law.Wow,my sister tummy is gettin bigger.I feel just a while since their wedding.I mean,they had just married for about 4 months like that and my sister is already pregnant!Wow!Anyway,I just wanna share my past thang inside of this thiny space about searching my sister wedding thang on Labour Day.That is why I put the title of the post is labour day!Enjoy the pictures!*still massaging my feet*


                                    the scenery was very greeeeen indeed

                     tehee,camwhoring with my cousin while boarding at the same time

I end up followed my cousins and his dad wandering around the Padang Besar.We just stopped at the available restaurant around that place.We keep ordering,ordering and ordering the food while waiting the others to shop.Me and my cousin(inside the pic above)keep ordering the food.Kami berdua aje yang dok kedarah makanan tu.Hehe,you guys must not understand what did I mean it right?I mean,only both of us(me and my cousin)finished off the food.My cousin's brother only ate few only =.=

                                my little cousin,Adam

           "Can you show me number eight by using the fingers?"Here it is.Sooo cute!

After eating the whole food,we just wandering around the bazaar,just looking without bought anything.

                       my cousin's brother try to blew out the bubble pop

My uncle said on that time,after boarding from the car,Adam saw the bubble pop thang and immediately asking my uncle to buy that thang.gosh,Adam =.=My uncle had to buy it,if not,cryinglah!




Adam is so freakin cuteeee!I'm not even photoshop his picturah!We had a lunch around 2.00 p.m after gathering together.(I mean,the whole family)I keep seeing all those food on plate on table.My mama asked me whether I wanna eat or not at that time,I said,'it's ok,I ate already with my uncle'.My cousin's sister keep eat and eat even already ate on that time =.=After eating,not satisfied shopping,I followed my mama,aunties to shop again.

                               my aunt said,when we came there,don't miss to buy the craft basket,urgh I don't know what it is called.

             ceh,tak mau pulak..

Halfway back to my hometown,we stop at Yasmin's restaurant just to have a tasty and hot cooking of chicken.So tasty men eating during hot!But shit,the rain had came when we ate at there.It's already 11.30 p.m.I wanna have my rest nao.Thank you for stopping by my blog!

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