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November 4, 2011 • 04:16 • 0 cuties here.

Hmm,it's 6.35 p.m(Malaysia&Singapore time).Shitt,it's raining!I wonder how's the Bangkok's condition.Well,I have a time to write a blog and yes my brother is coming home today.I was waiting him anxiously,hehe^^.*ehem ehem* moving to another topic.This is my first review actually.I never write about any reviews yet in my blog.So,the items that I wanna review about is the Dolly Wink Vivid Pop number 7 produced by Masuwaka Tsubasa.This is my first time trying out Tsu-chan's products.hehe^^

Actually,I do wanna try a Dolly Wink's Number 1.What's the name huh?Forgot!forgot!Sorry!


Indeed trying out number 1,I would prefer trying the Dolly Wink's lower lash.Before I move into deep and deeper,my opinion is 100% honest.It's comes in 6 individual lashes.I thought it comes in one straight lashes.In my opinion,applying this lashes is quite difficult to me.I had to take around  20 mins to appy this one wif my tweetzers.Thank god,I have a tweetzers in my makeup bag.This lashes makes my eyes more 'bubble bubble pop'.Ah!remind me of Hyun-a's song!this lashes also comes with it's own glue.Unlike others lashes.The glue was so cute and quite strong to lashes to stand on my eyes.

Advantages :26: :Makes your eyes more pop pop looks
                           Comes with the glue together
                            Easier to remove
Disadvantages:Comes with individual lashes that takes my times around 20 mins to appy it
                       So pricey meh!

Would I purchase it again:Yes!it makes my eyes more volume under my eyes&more pop just like the products's name!

     It depends on someone.If you practise a lot,then it makes more easier to apply.Unlike me,I'm only wore it when I'm in town or out.Just because my camera was with my brother until now,I had to use my phone's shit camera to snap the pictures.Seriously Nokia,would you comes out with a phone that it nice camera though?
Sorry,if the pictures was unclear.Gomenasai!




You might be wondering where did I purchase the Dolly Wink's products in Kedah and where the bow's headband comes from right?I purchase those items from Googoo's beauty house that has been opened around five months(if I'm not mistaken) ago in Alor Star Mall.They bring the authentic products from Korea,Japan,Germany and even in Thailand(If I was not mistaken) from makeup,skincare,bodycare and even haircare such as Holika Holika,Tony Moly,Palty your favourite dyes hair and much much more including a fake nails from Japan!.I cannot describe as I getting in love with Googoo.The big bow headbands also comes from there too!


        Only few of acsessories in that small shop.That bow is fucking expensive around RM30!I guess it's expensive due from Japan/Korea.The items below is finally arrived in Googoo!

                                          Tsubasa Masuwaka&Kara's Palty



            Yayyyyyyyyyy!More Dolly Wink's items!



                     The girl's most favourite,Hello Kitty!Talking about hello kitty,I saw that there are also the Hello Kitty's hand foam(again,if I'm not mistaken).


Seeing this promotions makes me jump out of my bed and miss to visit that Googoo's beauty store again.  Wanna get all this items above?Visit Alor Star Mall second floor same as cinema's floor and you guys also can get all this items at First Avenue's Mall and grand opening in Gurney Plaza Penang.Tuk tap tuk tap,it's already 7.00 p.m(Malaysia&Singapore time) ciao guys!Gotta go first!I wanna do the list before visit the Googoo again.hehe^^


                                                                                                                                               miss han


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