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October 29, 2011 • 05:16 • 0 cuties here.

Greetings lord&mister!I knew that I have left blogger for almost 2 months.Just like today also,I'm already headache bout my blog template.Gomenasai!Bu yao zhen shi,hao ma?Don't angry with me,hao ba?*translate*I have back to blog because seeing everyone with their blogs most probably a gyaru,really deep jealous in my heart.By the way, I have to blog bout all the past thing!Gomene!Talking bout past,lot of things has happened around me.Sorry,if I have to blog bout past.Wait,do you guys miss me?I bet not!haha!

You might be thinking,why the hell I write 2.7.11 right?It is because....deng deng deng!Our family biggest day!Maybe not the big day for us,but for my lovely sister.Do you still remember my last post regarding on her engagement day?I bet not!My father decided to chose this date before the fasting month.On that month,my family was totally out of control since that date is getting closed.Gosh!U know,what I have been doing on the week before her wedding?I just stumbled upon my room,surfing the internet,not helping them.What the hell I wanna help?Yah,my chicken pox acne wasn't recover yet on that time.

Blah,Blah,Blah.You guys just wanna see the pictures right?Here we go!Like da dong said,ENJOY!

front copy
                                           "You are invited to our wedding ceremony"

_DSC5154 modified

_DSC5155 copy











                                      me&my bro.#not pretty

                                                     You think this wedding cake is yummy?think again.My sister just angry&regret buying the untasty cake for her wedding.Loll!I just pretend to said that the cake is tasty because  my tongue is having on problem on testing food on that time.Lol!

Well,my mama,ayah,abang and including me hope to see you guys(sister&brother-in-law)happy last forever.My mama hopes to have a grandchildren soon.Haha!Moving on to the next story,not to much,just about the kawaii mummy,Tsubasa Masuwaka the famous gyaru in Japan&even in worldwide now.

Good news for all Malaysian gyaru including me#shamless#!The best seller CandyDoll is finally arrived in Malaysia.Visit your nearest Sasa outlet in Malaysia for CandyDoll and get the free CandyDoll makeup books while you purchase the CandyDoll item.Of course,while stocks is last!

Moving on to the Dolly Wink.Wey,why is it dolly wink now?Well,it is under Tsubasa Masuwaka cosmetic line to,peeps!New dolly wink items is up!Anyway,why the hell the koji honpo's dolly wink won't displace their new items while I was surfing their web.Weird.All the pictures below not from me but credits to Jstyle Corner on Facebook.

                                      I want!I want!I want!I keep eyeing the dolly wink's mascara plus this one with liquid eyeliner somemore!wah seh!I think,this can save up more money but quite pricey.Weird,this one they displace d in their website.

                                             Eyelash fix.this one comes in black colour where you can use this as your eyeliner&much stronger.

                                              Eyebrow Powder

                                                      Eyebrow mascara

                                               Eyelash case

                                              eyebrow pencil


Like all these ma?Preorder is open on Jstyle Corner.I have read in her pages said that all these items will arrive on December.Wait?Where to preorder?Just type Jstyle Corner on search Facebook.Only for Malaysian.Maybe I'm gonna order it too.Photos credits:Jstyle Corner

Its 8.00 p.m on Singapore&Malaysia's Zone now.I should take a hot shower now.Stay tuned for more since I'm gonna be back for reviews,haul&much much more after my phone finish fixed.Oh!Oh!Oh!Before I forget,to all VIP,please vote for Bigbang for the best worldwide act awards on mtvema.Hit for vote for them!Chiao!Arigatou for stopping by!Spam!Spam!Bigbang's photos.

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