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May 17, 2015 • 07:16 • 0 cuties here.


Assalamualaikum and hello fellas! I kinda sat to inform that I'm officially turns into 20 years old this year. 

So, on 31th of March ago, yeah yeah I know it's too late since it's in May now but somehow I do wanna share here. Hmm...


Since my bestie Fadzlina had promised me that she's in Alor Setar on that moment, we decided to have girl's catch up outside and had girly talk at Coffee Tifz Gallery. Situated at Simpang Kuala, nearby Nasi Kandar Nasmeer, along nearby with the Rainbow shop. We ordered both ice blended which I seriously forgotten it's name and obviously you can seen it above and I gotta said that it wasn't that bad ha. 


Eh eh how you know on that day was my birthday huh and hung up on balloon on the glass wall?Awww  I'm promised to you that once you're here you will loved it as the decorations is simple and less noisy. Not to mention that there is study or book section when I was there if I'm not mistaken la.


If you are coffee lover then it's golden opportunity for you to selfie here with availability of colourful chairs too! 

Well ladies and gentleman, do not hesitate to come here ya if you are around here?


Konichiwa .

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