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December 28, 2013 • 07:58 • 0 cuties here.

Salam everyone! wait,wait and wait!I would like to apologize since I haven't update any single of my blog post due to my hectic life that I wish I could forbid it on!

  Seriously,I started to lost some idea and inspiration to blog but yeah I do wanna blog back somehow! I got no idea why on earth I wanna blog back. Okay,stop blah and blah. Alright ladies and gentlemen outside there, I hope you won't get boring since I wanna review one of my favourite toner so far,which is one of the Avon's products which is Avon Naturals Replenishing Blue Algae&Bamboo Toner just I have mention at the title above.My gosh,what da so long name!



What was its function actually until make me lovin it? Well ladies, it is effectively removes all the traces of makeup and unseen dirt and debris and not to mention softening and moisturizing skin.I have to admit that it does removes makeup but doesn't removes any waterproof makeup.Which is why I quite pissed off with this things actually.



What I loved most about this toner is my skin feels so smooth and moisturize since my skin is lack of it's moisturization!hehe..



See,quite dirty right?Pardon for bad quality of my camera since I took it during the night and probably some of you may not been seeing it clearly.

                                                            -soften my face
                                                            - affordable
                                                            -pleasant smell

                                                                 HATE IT!
                                                           -doesn't perform it's removable of waterproof makeup

                                                          -I luvin it! Shall I buy it next time? Of course I will!

Slice of my life:

My last month of haul!

That's all peeps! See ya later!

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