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May 3, 2013 • 07:14 • 2 cuties here.

Assalamualaikum and ola everyone!Thanks to God as my internet connection are just getting better.long time I haven't done any BeautyTalk That reviews.Today,I would like to review and talk about Diamond SuperWhite mask by Love More.So,let's continue on!

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I knew that long time I haven't done any single reviews about mask.Truth to say that I have been attracted to this mask because of someone in that pictures,which is Jiro Wang a member of famous by Taiwanese band,Fahrenheit.Yes,I still adore him much and pardon me for his unclear picture above.

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I never try any single mask from Love More and this is my opportunity to try it on!One box contains 5 sheets of mask which is valuable.So that,when you want to have more,you won't need to go back and purchase it as it is comes in handy!Guess what,people?This mask comes in..

2013-02-09 01.03.31_副本
         Letter's design!Wow,first time seeing it!

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With Super 4 Upgrade,this mask is enriched with SYN HYCAN,giving a better moisturizing effect than a traditional Hyaluronic acid!Next,it is the best fitting Japan soft mask from 0.02mm featherly soft mask,with skin-friendly ergonomic cut to have a better fit on skin.The essences are break down to smaller molecules for a better absorption also increase the absorbility,5x more efficient than normal skin care.This mask is enriched with Tianshan Snow Lotus,rose and m-Tranexamic Acid to improve skin cell and moisturized skin.

2013-02-09 01.10.16_副本
                  Here is me,trying it out the mask.The Monsta is here!It is low acidity,non-colouring,alcohol free and non-comedogenic.Not to forget,it is 100% natural pulpsheet.

                                                What I like about this little things:
                                                 My skin feels sooo smooth and hydrate after using it.
                                                Skins getting fairer
                                                the mask smells isn't that bad

                                               slightly expensive

Overall,this is the best mask I ever used.I can't wait to try another series from Love More.You already knew that Jiro Wang is from Taiwan?Yes,this is made in taiwan.Geez,why Taiwan have sooo good of mask?I took for almost 1 month to finish it off!


Love More is endorse by Jiro Wang and err..sorry I didn't know her name.

Hit on to find out more or get it at the Watsons near you.Thanks to Watsons Malaysia for Love More mask!And,please be careful anyone for fake mask!

lots of love,
xiao han

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