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April 4, 2011 • 03:12 • 0 cuties here.

Hello!It took 213395643933777 years for me to fix my blog.Anywhere,thank you so much for your wish due to my birthday.I'm so sorry as I was late to update my blog.I should update on Friday,but then I got an exam on today.Crap._.
Anywhere,due to my birthday,I shall review some 16 facts bout myself.Yalah,16 years old.ewwwh.I am getting older larh.Here is my 16 facts bout myself.Hope you'll like it^o^

1.Hello,my name is nurul hanan.You can either call me han/hanan
2.I only have 3 siblings,whom are me,elder sister&brother.I am the youngest one among them lol
3.I really don't know how to swim.If you asking me to swim,I am no ashame to kick your ass off.
4.I hate rat but doesn't afraid of cockroach.Funny,right?
5.I am super in love with cat.Meow >ww<
6.I am in addiction with Hello Kitty,Rilakkuma,Doraemon,Domo Kun.
7.I love photography.My favourite camera is canon 60D
8.I hate drawing.
9.My ultimate dream is to have a photoshoot with Fahrenheit&the theme is "Fantasy World".Yes,you may laugh at me.lalalala~
10.I am super crazy with Japan from fashion,makeup,etc.My heart just breaks when I heard an horrendous tsunami occured in Japan.
11.Fahrenheit&Bigbang give a drug for me to jump inside of their love.Lol!
12.My favourite member of Fahrenheit is Calvin Chen.Doesn't mean that I just love one only,I do love all of them.He is my role model.I will tell you late on why I fuckin in love with this gentleman.
13.My favourite favourite Japanese clothes brand are Cocolulu,Liz Lisa,Sly,Lip Service,Ank Rouge,Valentine's High,Cecil Mcbee,and Gilfy.I told you that I really love Japan?!
14.I am super crazy with lower lashes since I am Malaysian Glasses Gyaru.
15.I used to wear makeup since last
16.I used to change my writing depending on what pen do I used.

Anywhere,thank you so much for your wishes.May God always blessing you!Great news is my sunshine boy got his weibo!wohoo!!!I think,I should stop here.Until then,bye bye!Muahhhh!

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