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January 1, 2011 • 01:34 • 0 cuties here.

XIN NIAN KUAI LEE!HAPPY NEW YEAR!SELAMAT TAHUN BARU!!yeah,I wish you all da best for ma readers!thanks again for ma readers because you still keeping up reading ma blog,by the way,the new year,started everything just like reborn.Am I right?well,here are my beauty&self resolutions.Imma started with self resolutions.

1.Study very hard because 2012 is ma biggest year.EXAM!!
2.reduce surfing internet because it can damage your exam's result

I think,thats it for my self resolutions,haha^^,recently,I had watched Michelle's Phan's New Years Beauty Resolutions,I guess,I had been tagged.haha^^.I think,I really don't know who I am now,it seems that I had changed ma style,LOLO!I'm getting liking makeup,japan&korean style,haha^^,U don't know me larh!Here are my beauty resolutions.

1.Apply garnier light before I went bed because my skin became more dark
2.Remove all my makeup because when you doesn't remove it,you will kena some acne,pimple etc
3.I follow Michelle Phan's advice that changing mascara regularly because your some older mascara might have bacteria.this is FACT!I also don't know it!!
4.Regularly wash my brushes/when I remove my makeup instead.
5.Rehydrate my skins with drinking a lot of water.
6.Apply lipbalm before I went to bed because usually my lips looked so dry.(I forgot to mention it at no 1)
7.Apply some olive oil to my hair for repair it.
8.Wearing less makeup before went to school(like foundation)

OMO!I have 8 beauty resolutions need to follow.Well,I followed a little bit Michelle Phan's the above one.Well,I have to go now.NOOOOO!MY MOM GONNA LOCKED MY NOTEBOOK!When I gonna see you again?well,when Im free only.So,Sorry guys!Once Again,Happy New Year!Hope you have a BIGBANG DAY!



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