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September 22, 2014 • 05:29 • 1 cuties here.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! Fuh! it's has been long time i didn't updated my blog! Habis bersawang bagai dah blog ni aku tengok! I was in a midst of preparing for my final which I couldn't log in into my blog frequently plus with overload of assignment some more! Which is prove to me that all of my lecturers love me so much then! Haha..  

I log in my blog due to my study week and calm myself before final this Wednesday. Well, I gotta say that I have a things to share here but then I wanna start first with my Lebaran 2014 outfit shall we?



                                                 Dress: made by my relatives
                                                 Watch: GUESS
                                      Floral shawl:  no brand

This post should wrote in Syawal's week but then I thought that it's kinda early which make me postponed My mama decided to purchase the fabrics material all the way from KL and asked my relatives to make it. I gotta say that I adore every dress that she has made to me and I satisfied each of it by the way. To be honest, I kinda lost an idea to blog actually as I left it for long time but hey! do leave your comments below so that I can improve my blog more and I would love to read your comments too!


July 11, 2014 • 02:29 • 1 cuties here.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! Sorry for being disappeared for a while. . I should blog last week but somehow my internet kouta isn't enough for me to on internet with my laptop. Enough talking. Let pictures do all the rest talking now.




                                                     Tudung/Scarf: no brand
                                                     Butterfly Top: Riffaa
                                                     Long Skirt    : Bought from my Co-Op(koperasi) College

Alhamdulillah,we have finally approaching with summer and in midst of Ramadhan and today is already 13 Ramadhan if I'm not mistaken. When summer is around me, I always wanting to wear something colourful or something abstract or floral etc. Therefore, I choose this butterfly top as it can wore between spring and summer! Jyeahh! 


Yup, you already know,peeps. I bought my long strip skirt at my college when I'm on my way to reach my hubby,encik Kelisa. My eyes got distract when they hang this skirt on that time at their small kiosk and immediately bought it with my kimono cardigan. That long skirt is just cost me around RM35 which I do find it is pretty reasonable price for a skirt.

Slice of my life:

Be patient always, my ISLAM relatives. Victory is gonna be ours soon,Insya Allah. Allah's promise is a MUST!( pasti)


June 27, 2014 • 08:15 • 3 cuties here.







                                                   Jubah/Abaya: Given by my mama
                                                   Bawal shawl : no brand
                                                   Watch          : GUESS

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone. Yes, left 2 more days before Ramadhan. I just got no idea why I'm just super duper excited this Ramadhan. Alhamdulillah, Ya Allah for that. Lately, I started to adorn Jubah/Abaya. I received this from my mama as she just came back home from Macca. I wore this on the first week of June to register a new semester. Definitely perfect for a simple day like today. 

Hopefully, my Ramadhan is much better than the previous year. InsyaAllah.


June 24, 2014 • 22:27 • 2 cuties here.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! Hope all of you have a blast of Wednesday! Lately I am just super craving for having a sweet and melty donuts! And some how, I discovered something new and delicate around my town! But first, lemme reveal a bit of it,ya?


Yeah, I'm having a biggish dinner on that night! Muahaha..


I'm in love with sweet pastry things so why not I'm share with all of you right? Introducing House Of Mini located at Alor Star Mall for those who are in area of Alor Star just like me. They come up with the idea of tiny yet sweet of donuts and mini cupcake. Providing bunch of flavors to choose from.


I decided to bought 6 round of tiny donuts to give it a try at a promotional price on that time around RM 7! How awesome is that,huh? At first I thought that I could mix with a mini cupcakes but the sales girl said "CANNOT!" Which means if you wish to buy both at the same time, you have to buy 6 donuts and 6 mini cupcakes at different box.


What I really like about House of Mini is that their donuts and mini cupcake were place carefully in this pinky box. I think the pink color was their trademark business,hehe.. As you can see the small box placing "to" and "from" which pretty convenient for us if you wish to give their donuts or even mini cupcakes to your loved ones as a present.


I decided to choose all of this to give it a try.


1 more thing that I forgot to mention here is that, their donuts were not too sweet which is perfect for all ages to eat.


Available in Alor Star Mall. So,what do you waiting for? Go and grab it on the go instead!


June 20, 2014 • 07:06 • 0 cuties here.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! I know that it is been a while! However, I do not have any single worried anymore about the internet connection! Yayy! *throws some confetti please*

First of all, I would like to dedicated this blog post to all men outside there in case that they're searching a new skincare product. Back to our story morry today! Last week, I have received some lovely gift from Loreal Men Expert which was their first ever BB Gel. The reason why I blogged this a lil bit late is because I wanna see result from my father where he is just so overwhelming getting this product for his birthday and Father's day exactly.

Honest I say, me as a regular skincare user, this is my first time ever hearing the BB Gel from a men. I mean,come on! Usually any kinds of BB Cream at the market just targeting for a women like us! I mean, for me, a lady-to-be. Insyaallah. Haha.. It may sounds like I'm trying to bluff all of you but it is true!Yes, this is the first ever BB Gel for men! Definitely! Won't believe me? Alright,see a pic below!



The packaging is just so sophisticated for me.



50 Ml of BB Gel and it's description.

Their new skin correction technology developing the BB Gel targeting for those who have a dullness, blemishes, dark spot tired of the daily imperfections with unique formula powered by skin correcting micro-beads.


How does this product helps men with their face problems? Definitely with hydration of all day long and continously infuses energy promising with non greasy,non sticky along with natural healthy effect.


This BB Gel also helps brigthens up, conceal any spot and marks,energizes including hydrates all day. I'm sorry that I am not good at reviewing a man's skincare products. I took a picture like I review a women skincare products lol.







And here are some extra useful information regarding on this product that you might wish wanna know more.

Along this week, I have noticed that my father's face is more energizes that before! Sorry to say that, I don't want to post my father's picture due to his privacy. Hope all of you understand my situation.

The good news is this BB Gel is now available for major stores of Watson and Guardian. Do hit these stores to grab it before its sold out!

Slice of my life:

Say YES! to my all new YES Broadband with super high speed and unlimited internet. Hohoho..


Compact,light and most of all can carry to anywhere,anytime by just inserting into your handbag!

That's all folks! Hope you and any men outside there enjoy reading my blog post this time.Thank you for 50 followers! I am truly appreciated it! See ya later!

                                                 Disclaimer: This blog post is bought to you by Loreal Men Expert.


June 2, 2014 • 06:06 • 3 cuties here.

Assalamualaikum and harlo everyone! How's your Monday? Well, I hope that everything going smooth on this day. Oh yeah,my stomach seems not okay today.

Okay,no more about stomachache please. Lately, my blog was filled with reviews and now we should hold it on first and moving on onto my daily life which was Instadiary. The last time I updated my Instadiary probably on January, I think?

And here is my Instadiary from January 2014 until now. Short form, the Spring Edition maa...hehe..WARNING! HEAVY LOADS OF PHOTO SPAMMING!


Out with my old bestie, Fadz..


Walk along at Padang Kota with my family and went ahead for a dinner! Starbucks Frapuccino is a bonus point here!


Etude House's hauls


GossipGirl's night out at MCD Alor Mengkudu


Haha,dating again and again with Tsara on the next day along with Elisa.


I remember vaguely that I got this lovely notebook as a present from the Board of Prefects of SMK Convent 2 years ago and I didn't have a heart to use it as it was so lovely. In the end I used it to write some colourful note. This is how I used to study actually. #studytips


#quoteaday #MCD


Dinner with my girls at Zefee.


Majlis Akikad Maryam Marissa Binti Mior Mustaqim which I couldn't attend it.


Bought a Juicy Couture inspired bracelet from my friend which I adore it much.


Having some sweet tooth moments with these peeps..




Happy Birthday Ana! Wishing you all the best! Love you sweetheart!


#quoteofaday #MCD




First group assignment is officially accomplished!


Everything was accomplished!


Received Baucar Buku 1 Malaysia (BB1M) .




held a massive sales of a certain brands of cosmetics in Alor Star which I cannot miss it!


OnlyBeauty's hauls after that..


Found a Japanese shop at a nearby of Hotel StarCity after I went to the OnlyBeauty sales.


#selfie #afterwedding


My last wish for BM2I before end off our semester 2.


Sakura inspired flower fever in my area couple of months ago.


Celebrated my early birthday with my mama and my lovely brother.


Yayy! Got Herbal Essences shampoo and hair conditioner free samples when bought a Vivi Malaysia.


Spring hauls.


At Penang Ferry.


Spend some lovely public holiday with my dad to Tanjung Dawai.


Labour Day hauls.


Received a Kenzo fragrance. Small but definitely worth it! Love you,mama!


Finally! My favorite circle lenses is finally here so that I could give it a try!

Sorry all since I don't write a blog in a good way since my stomach is doing its "job". Urgh!!

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