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  Spring Blossom
Assalamualaikum and hello ladies! Before that,turn on the K.Will's last year song which is "Love Blossom" for those who loves K-Pop just like me. If not, no need la.. Well,this year is just so blissful and wonderful since for the first time ever,the miracle just came in my state which is in Kedah since it is surrounded with beautiful trees that almost pretty similar with cherry blossom. How wonderful is that,huh?


How beautiful is that,huh? Jelly or not?


After finished off our final exam,me and my lovely girls straight ahead to the girl's hostel since that there were so lovely tree just like above. We never ever don't want to miss any single this golden opportunity since it was once a year this miracle would happened in my state actually.


Please don't misunderstood this picture please.. -.- We were just doing this pose for fun.. hehe



I may not have yet any opportunity to see cherry blossom in Japan but this breathtaking scenery allowed me to be thankful more to Allah for His creatures.Credits: All of my girls who involved in this photography session , you know who you are :)

  Purple Delight
Hello and assalamualaikum everyone! Pardon for disappear for a while and the good news is the Celcom Broadband line is in great view! Aha! I have to admit that I have a pile of outfit of the day(ootd) which I have not been uploaded here.

But first,I'm gonna start the last year one and it is still new la.. don't worry,ma!






                                                             Maxi dress: Riffaa
                                                              Scarf         : No brand
                                                              Watch        : GUESS

It's pretty rare to find a maxi dress for a shorty person like me in an affordable price some more! Tongue twist? Opps~ Sorry. I got this maxi dress for only RM 49. If rounded got RM50 la senang kata..(other words)

I'm pretty surprise that a shorty person like me can wear this outfit. Hahaha! Watcha think? Do u like it? leave comments below! I would love to know it too!

  Semester 2
Assamualaikum and harloo ladies! I just recently finished off my final exam for my semester 2 just yesterday and straight away catching up with my girlfriends for a watching cinemas dating! It just so exhausted by thrill! How awesome is that,huh?

Well, ladies.. I really don't know why this semester 2 filled with laughter and happiness instead of semester 1. And yep, filled with broken hearts too but that doesn't mean would stop me from being happy all the time. Instead, making me feel stronger more! Ps:take that,dude!

Here is the most precious moments that I had gone through so far in my semester 2!


Okay,starting a new year with a boot camp. My sir wants us to have some strength and honestly I went that camp just to heal my hearts due to heavy broken heart that I felt on that moments. Who knows that my goals would accomplish on that moments? The boot camp might be seems serious but fun and full of exploration that I never felt before. This is also one of my favorite photos among others as well. Thanks Redza for the photos although you might seems like a decade to upload it on Facebook! hehe.. 



             Me with my mentor and other mentees, BM 1J

Coming up next..

Can you guess what me and my team were preparing for?


It's mock meeting for the first time ever! Super nervous man! But we did it at the end of it! Oh yeah!






My favorite picture ever even after being disturbed by Eric! Those photos were taken after mock meeting were held.


Okay,the next assignment on the same day as the mock meeting were BBM110 where we were asked to perform our own festival or our own ceremony. My one was a bit easier than others which was Hari Raya ceremony. Isn't it cool? We also throw our own confetti after finished it. Wee~


Geez,my fugly smile..


Okay, I still got time to selfie even thought it was extremely exhausted!


Before I end this blog post, I would like to apologize to my classmate BM2I if I accidentally or not meant to hurt your feelings due to my behavior and I hope we can meet each other again for a next semester and happy holidays peeps!

  Chanel : New Phone Casing
" Kring Kring " ! Excuse me,what's sounds is that? isn't that from your smartphone? Ehem..Assalamualaikum everyone and horla ladies! I guess each one of you at least nowadays own a smart handphone or probably just a simple phone, isn't it? This few years, I have to admit that I am a handphone junkie and keep changing. I just don't know why on earth would this certain things happened to me..hihi..

Did you know that the kids from early ages such as 8 years would be crying and begging if they do not get a phone? How insane is that,isn't it? Even me myself get a phone when I was at Standard 6 -.- . As new era is moving with evolving technology, new phone with a higher wow functions also available in the markets each day! I bet that your mouth will turn into "O" once you had read the information below!

ipmart infographic

Even me myself were so shocked once I read this infographic!


I just got a new phone cover for my Iphone which is Chanel inspired Perfume bottle.



Deco and bling bling...



My birthday is just around the corner and my sweetest ever brother and Kak Yana gave me this phone casing as advance birthday gift plus I have been wanted the deco-ing and bling bling design for so badly! It is quite hard to search some particular phone casing just like this in my area somemore.

ipmart 2

Looking for a new Iphone 5s? Fret not,ladies! Ipmart provides several designs of a new Iphone for you to choose from! But,wait! I got a new surprise for all of you outside there! Roll a drum please!


Tadaaa! RM 15 discount with a minimum purchase of RM 100 when you shop at Ipmart. What are you waiting for? Hit for a shop! Just use a code above!

you all, I gotta go now since I have to break a leg for my final exam! Bubbye!

  Etude House Collagen Eye Patch
Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! Exposure to sun, tiny sleeps during the night, age, all these prone to a panda eyes and more accurately... DARK CIRCLE! Oh my gosh! I knew, right? This is one of my most concerns around my face and did any one of you outside there facing the problem just like me? Why on earth I keep mention all these? Well, the reason why I said so is because last month I drop by Etude House at Gurney Plaza, Penang. One of the most my favorite products of Etude House is their Etude House Collagen Eye Patch!




The packaging was so lovely and comes with a pair of collagen eye patch. It claims that it is enriched with collagen to revitalise and improves appearance around eyes. Did you know that our under eyes area is too delicate? Which is why we need to care it in early ages to avoid like wrinkles in future. By the way, the price for this eye collagen is just around RM 9.90 if I am not mistaken.



Here is my tried and tested of this eye patch. Honestly, it is filled with moisturizer and one thing that I like the most about this eye patch is the eye patch itself is so thin, making it easier to absorb. Do I mention that it is faster absorbption too? . Unlike the other eye masks that I have tried before, most of them came in thick layer which making my eyes unbearable to breath somehow!

                                                          -cute packaging
                                                          -easy to use
                                                          -faster absorbption
                                                          -thin layer of eye patch

                                                            -difficult to get the product

Well, at least I have one hate but that doesn't make me stop to love this eye patch. Shall I purchased it again in future? Absolutely! 


Looking a new camera with a multiple functions that will wow-ing all of your friends and hoping whether a discount on a camera? Lazy to step out from your home just to shop? Fret not! Do drop by Ipmart as it is one of an online shopping gadgets like camera from wide range of brands to choose from. They are also offering free return policy of 30 days,free delivery and also Cash On Delivery (COD). Hit

for more choices and have a great shopping experience!

Enough of it for today. So, I am gonna break my leg for my final to maintain a great pointer. See ya later!


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