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December 20, 2014 • 06:03 • 1 cuties here.

Assalamualaikum and harlo everyone! While everybody enjoy watching AFF Suzuki Cup, me laying down on the carpet facing my mini HP Pavilion Laptop, Feel Good Gorillaz song playing on my ear..ok,enough crapping useless stuff! 

And Today.. I would like to share my new interest on Pandora. Honest I say, I am not a new fans of Pandora bracelet but then recently I started to fell in love with Pandora. Not the real Pandora, but more torwards on Pandora-Spired some more! 


Actually, its my mom who had change my perception on Pandora. I should thank her now,haha.. While wondering around Simpang Kuala's Pasar Tani ( day's market that usually for Friday only in Simpang Kuala) my mama saw some fancy and varieties of Pandora. On that time, I was busy looking a bling-bling Iphone case and she asked me "do you want some Pandora bracelet?" Well, I took almost one and half one to think about it. ( Eceh,yeke tu hanan oii?) Then, I look it and..yes,I agree to buy it one for me.



Now, it won't look dull anymore with GUESS watch and this bracelet on my wrist. 

So,watcha think? Yayy or nayy? Do leave comments below! I would love to know more!


December 16, 2014 • 02:32 • 2 cuties here.

Assalamualaikum and ola ladies and gentlemen! Finally, I can on log in back my blog after long time I left it. Well, new semester is already started but I don't know why on earth I easily fell asleep this week . Perhaps I just tired and need a new nap. Eceh!

By the way, this is my activities that I have gone through my October and November month. Enjoy!


First time trying out the Rainbow Cake from Le Medina. No bad hor! 


Shopping shopping time with my best girlfriends ler.. sigh, she is in Langkawi now to work with her relatives. Good luck my girlfriends in searching a "rezeki"! I miss her by the way..


Pizza! Pizza! Pizza! with 2 Broke Girls some more..wee~ 


Just came back home lunch alone T___T and suddenly I realize there's a bunch of blooming orchid at the dining table.


Finally I owned a pair of sneakers from Converse! Thanks Ayah! Love you,muaahhh! 


Coconut Ice Cream in Koh Samui. Actually it's hard to find here in my area so I grab this golden opportunity to try it out. What exciting is that, Dato' belanja ( treat) us some more! So, hip hip horray! 


Happy Halloween!


Obviously that I cannot what they wrote on their packaging but all I know is that it is super duper delicious! Sumpah tak tipu! 


Indulge myself with these delicacies before heading back to Malaysia.


Chocolate never lie to us. Thanks to those who had treat my Ayah the Royce Chocolate all the way from Japan! Arigatou ne~ 


I want the Princess Parking signboard please!


Mirror is the girls best friends.


Local live band below Avenue K.


Although Fuel Shack do have a bad service, their foods never dissapointed me even though this was my first bite. Nak lagi la nanti bila pi KL!


Waiting my Firefly flight. Damn bored eh! 


Oh sayang, finally both of us can be together back! #encikkelisa


Realize whats the different on me?


Happy Lasagna Day! Ahaha...


Done registering my new semester. Fuh~


Do you think what did I think?


Went to Food Fest and grab the Batik Nutella Cake. Yummieh! 

One more month to go already to finish off the 2014 everyone. So, make it lively and wonderful so that it could stick always in your mind and heart. Off for now,assalamualaikum and sayonara ladies!


November 21, 2014 • 00:49 • 0 cuties here.

Assalammualaikum and hello everyone! Oh yeah, I finally can update my blog. Forgot to mention that, I am just returning home from my short vacation in Kuala Lumpur whereby I just stayed in my sister's house welcoming her new son,awww~

Enough enough enough,ok? Let just simply move on to our topic, " Ice Princess" .





                                            Bawal shawl: no brand
                                     Blue maxi dress  : made by my relatives
                                                    Watch  :  GUESS

I always love dress and forever with maxi or even a long dress. Do you know my favourite color is always a blue? Last Aidiladha, well, this year Aidiladha also ah my mama and I decided to have another maxi dress for me so that I could wearing it at any occasion even when I went to the class!


I just love how my "Tok Lang" ( my relative) sew properly the lace on this maxi dress.


Selfie selfie after having my own photoshoot! eceh!


Now, I do have a countless long or maxi dress on my closet. *sigh* Guess that I should take out half of it and donate to the charity or even doing a garage sales? who knows? maybe.


November 1, 2014 • 10:01 • 0 cuties here.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! First of all, Happy Novermber everyone! But then, I would like to apologize since disappearing for couple of months due to my hectic crazy time! Yeah, I miss my blog so mucho eh!

Anyway, I would like to talk about our bed outfit or sleep outfit! Yayy! ergh.. sounds more awkward actually!

I decided to write this since I saw in Vivi March or April Issue regarding on Kansai Reader talk about their happy bedtime outfit which give me an inspiration to write out on my blog instead! And here is my bedtime outfit!




                                                      Singapore T-Shirt: present from my dear sister
                                                      Love Long Pant::   Giant

This is my usual night time outfit rather than short pants and tee. Biasalah, dekat rumah aje kan?hehe.. Lately, my wardrobe seems to have a less long pants. So, during my walk at Giant Superstore, there just a small stall having a sell which is t-shirt and long pants for only RM10 only! How cool is that,huh?

So, I just grab this love long pants pattern instantly and worn on that night too! The pants is just so comfy yet affordable prices some more! How on earth I'm gonna find like this later on?huhu.. Do you have any night time outfit? What is it then? A lingerie or etc? Do leave your comments below! I would love to know more!


Konichiwa .

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