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May 23, 2015 • 06:52 • 1 cuties here.


Assalamualaikum and hello! Guess that I don't need to introduce more since you have saw the photos above. What I'm going to review about is a well-known contact lenses among celebrities, social media influencers in Malaysia producing by Malay sensational actress, Neelofa! True to say that I wasn't really intrested to try this on but then I keep seeing it in my Instagram and boom! Geez, I'm going to try it!


Here are quick details about this contact lenses that I don't need to type it on lol! 


Comes with a small brochure of various lenses and details about each contact lenses.

So, I already told you about the packaging huh? Haha, my first time reviewing about packaging first lol! Are you ready to find out more about Cat Eyes Brown Lofa Lens? Follow me!


As you can see the ring of the contact lenses and it's design are simple and delicate.


Among of these 7 contact lenses, I decided to choose Cat Eyes Brown as it seems to be the hot selling contact lenses among all. I have to admit it as this colour is pretty similar with usual grey contact lenses.


Oh,let's store it in this kawaii hello kitty contact case. Ehe.


I'm okay with contact lenses that comes with diameter of 14mm as it's turn my eyes onto dolly eyes.



For your information all these Lofa lens were soft. I gotta said this is one of the most soft lenses I ever wear so far in my life. I don't feel any sore eyes, red eyes. Oh,oh, only feel sore eyes the moment that this lens are about to expired but just little bit only. So, I'm okay with it for 1 month. This lens only "tahan' around 1 month only. Ehe. ( I forgot what is "tahan" in English) 


Buu, the price is below lol! Okay, just kidding. The Cat Eyes Brown price starts at RM 69.00 only.

All in all, I gotta said that this lens were soft and comfortable to wear all day long. Shall I purchase it again? In Sha Allah maybe. 


Follow them on these social media to find out more exciting updates!


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Assalamualaikum and hello fellas! I kinda sat to inform that I'm officially turns into 20 years old this year. 

So, on 31th of March ago, yeah yeah I know it's too late since it's in May now but somehow I do wanna share here. Hmm...


Since my bestie Fadzlina had promised me that she's in Alor Setar on that moment, we decided to have girl's catch up outside and had girly talk at Coffee Tifz Gallery. Situated at Simpang Kuala, nearby Nasi Kandar Nasmeer, along nearby with the Rainbow shop. We ordered both ice blended which I seriously forgotten it's name and obviously you can seen it above and I gotta said that it wasn't that bad ha. 


Eh eh how you know on that day was my birthday huh and hung up on balloon on the glass wall?Awww  I'm promised to you that once you're here you will loved it as the decorations is simple and less noisy. Not to mention that there is study or book section when I was there if I'm not mistaken la.


If you are coffee lover then it's golden opportunity for you to selfie here with availability of colourful chairs too! 

Well ladies and gentleman, do not hesitate to come here ya if you are around here?


May 14, 2015 • 23:53 • 2 cuties here.









Shawl: no brand
Top: Acewin
Inner(worn inside): no brand
Watch: GUESS
Denim: forgotten brand already
Sneaker: Converse

Finally! And not to forget Alhamdulillah since I got a dean list again for this tough sem !  But somehow, imma bit dissapointed since my pointer going down lil bit.  Never mind all that since I'm gonna work hard from now on and on! 

Oh ya, I put Wolves as the title of this blog post as this remind me of Exo "Wolf" Song,awuuu! Yah, since this white top wrote down as B Wolves. Honest, I wanna wear all white this spring and summer. What a fresh color to start for!

For your information, all those pictures above are directed from my Iphone itself. Geez, I got no idea that my Iphone can take clearly photos like this.  All I gotta do is that I just put a self timer for 10 seconds and pose baby pose! Ahaha. Yes darling, Imma self photographer in this photoshoot. Eceh! 

Slice of my life:





Selfie ah! Apa lagi kan? I'm wearing Colorpia in Vaute Violet lens. Dolly eyes, isn't it?


So, any colors that would you like to recommend to me this spring?


May 11, 2015 • 11:27 • 1 cuties here.

Assalamualaikum and ola lola la! Gosh, super nerve-wrecking already I have felt since my result for me semester 4 is going to come up this Friday. Crossing finger to Allah hoping my result would be better although not dean is ok. Iredha. 

Have you ever realize that our foot are the one we usually neglect the most? We "used" it like almost everyday walking non stop even when we're in home.


Especially me wearing this Adidas Neo ballerina shoes all the time. It give me comfy all the time although it's already 5 years! Yet, no damage at all, aha. But that wasn't my concerns at all. My concerns is that once I started wearing shoes now, my feet tend to be sweat and produce a bad odour which I can't stand especially when I wore "close" shoes like this shoes. Gosh! Did you ever gone through just like me?


And for over a months, I discover this. Lovemore foot mask that I purchased from Sasa since I never ever used any one of the foot mask and I think this would be great! Who knows this might help me to cover up my concerns? So, I give it to try since I couldn't help adoring this cute packaging mask! Aww, you know that I'm shoes addict, Lovemore! 


A lil bit of Lovemore brand. It's well known for face mask in Taiwan and now they come up with foot mask,nail mask and hand mask! From RM 20 onwards you can purchase this at Sasa outlet or Sasa online webstore.


Let's see how it's working. You only have to wear it for about 30 minutes for absorption. Haha, the foot mask is like a lil bit of paper-feel actually.


After the 30 minutes, my feet still feel a lil bit sticky due to its liquid which I'm really impressed with it but some how I like it for reducing my feet odour.

All in all, it wasn't that bad using this foot mask for my first time since it's reducing my feet odour and it's really affordable for me. Plus, it is an easy as ABC for you to apply it on your feet just like what I done above. So, I give it 4 STARS!! Wasn't that bad huh?


May 2, 2015 • 09:29 • 0 cuties here.

Assalamualaikum and hello yall! It's funny that I should blog it yesterday but turned out to be today and tonight ( Malaysia Time). 

All I wanna shared with all of you is my current pinky motivational book from non other than my favorite blogger from Indonesia, Diana Rikasari!


Do you know her? She is sensational fashion blogger in Indonesia or perhaps in Asia maybe. What do I like about her is that she just wear it whatever come sense to her and to match with her personality. So quirky and fashionable! She's just do whatever that makes her happy which is why she came out with her own personal book, #88lovelife.

To be honest, I don't remember when did I bought it but I guess this year. Haha.


What I love is that the book's hard cover front and back is in the pink color that is suitable for all girls and woman!


Small, 88 pages filled with love and life experience to uplift, motivate and encourage you to face this world and this should be #whatsinsideofyourbag. 

Let's see what inside of it.



As you can see both front and back are the same. 


Here is quick biography of an author.


She's collaborated with her friends who is an illustrator Dinda Puspitasari who is also from Indonesia as well.

And here are some pages or motivational words from Diana Rikasari herself which help me to encourage myself that I would like to share with all of you. Who knows that maybe these might help you also right ;) ?





Wins my heart!


Always forgive people that hurts you because life is too short.


Oh,looks! There is sticker for you that you can stick at phone, books, cards or etc.

Overall, I really really really really enjoy reading this book. I mean, come on. It's just difficult to find such a rare book with colourful of such motivational words some more! It does helping me a lot when it comes to life. If my mood is down to bottom, I just pick this and read it on back again and again. And yes, the energy or "new me" will come back again. Thanks to you too, Diana.

Slice of my life:

Lately, Diana and her family started to move to their new house and she's also insanely decorating her house that filled with colors and all those quirky staff!


Her reading area.


Her work space facing the greenery scene.


Omg omg! I'm green with envy the moment I saw this on her blog. I wish that I could do an house tour to her house. Haha.

There is some information that I forgot to mention earlier. I bought this book at random instashop which I couldn't remember the seller name since it's not available in Malaysia. So, if you wish to buy this pink book, just hashtag #88lovelife on Instagram and it will direct you just in few seconds ( well, it depends on your speedy internet also, haha, just kidding fellas).

See you soon, fellas!


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