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April 24, 2015 • 06:21 • 1 cuties here.






 Shawl: no brand
Top: Nichii
Inner(worn inside) : no brand
Jeans: Braps ( Japan)
Shoes: Gisa
Bag: Wego ( Japanese Brand)

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! Penang Fashion Week is still on and will be end on this upcoming Sunday. Make sure head on to Gurney Paragon Mall to find the latest fashion trends from runway. End of the non-paid commercial. Haha. 

I always wear this style whenever I want it as its give me comfy feeling. You know that simplicity is everything right? Gosh, I miss this shoe la as I'm no longer can't wear it due to its damage. Urgh! 

Do you have any simple style that you always adored? Leave your comment below so that I could know it!


April 20, 2015 • 02:05 • 0 cuties here.






Shawl: no brand
kimono cardigan: no brand
Top (worn inside): no brand
Denim/Jeans: Braps
Ballerina flats: Adidas Neo
Watch: Ice Watch

Assalamualaikum and ola ladies. Penang Fashion Week starts from 18 April until 26 April. If you free then make yourself at Gurney Paragon Mall on this week as line fashion show awaits you! 


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April 16, 2015 • 08:47 • 3 cuties here.

Assalamualaikum and ola everyone! wow, almost one month and half i'm MIA on this blogsphere. I was pack with tight schedule of class, quiz, final test and countless of assignment that need to be submit which I don't have time for blogging. In this semester, we the whole class of BM4G had to gone through the event management course. I almost passed out during the event but alhamdulillah I managed to keep myself strong and remain stand still until the event is officially come to and end. 

But today I just finished my last paper so horray for my semester break!  I just got so so so so so many things or story that I truly wanna share here in my online diary and I can fill up my semester break with blogging session. Haha.. I just realize that long long time I didn't do any review things so why not kan?

Here that I wanna with all of you two of my favourite makeup remover that I used so far. For me, remove a makeup is crucial as this could avoid from appearances of pimples,acne or even aging. Who knows right? Even if I have a stain of lipstick also I remove it. ( although I used to forgot to remove it sometimes XD )


Introducing, The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Tissue and Pixy Gentle and Moist Cleansing Lotion.


But first, let me start off with The Face Shop Herb Day Cleansing Tissue.


The moment I step into The Face Shop store, I got no idea on what to buy that lead me to buy this cleansing tissue as I don't really own any one of it. I repeat,none of it! Contains 20 sheets of tissue each of it.


Er, I don't understand the korean words lol -.- . Enrich with Herb Clean Complex which cleanses gently without any irritation. I admit, it does remove my makeup without any irritation at all. As you can see this cleansing tissue contains natural ingredients which is compatible for all types of skin so yayy for it! 


See? quite long its width and length.  I didn't occupied all of it so Haha..


I prefer to use this cleansing tissue to remove my lipstick or lip gloss since my lip area is a bit sensitive compare to my face. See, it removes effectively on my Etude House Orange Lip Tint. I can said that this cleansing tissue is very convenient for those who always on abroad as it works as makeup remover kit. Not to mention that it's price also affordable which cost RM 10.90 only!! I truly adorn it's effectiveness on removing my glitters makeup, or even any of my waterproof makeup. It quite frustrated as you can only purchase it on the The Face Shop only ( for me la as my area didn't have any Face Shop store that only available in Village Mall Sungai Petani).

Alright, I already told you or review the cleansing tissue and let's move on onto the cleansing lotion.


Introducing, Pixy Gentle and Moist Cleansing Lotion. I bought this after the moment I read on Sabrina Tajudin's blog as she review this makeup remover. You can google instantly on "Sabrina Tajudin" as she is one of the well known of beauty blogger in Malaysia. If you know her well thumbs up! 


100ml of lotion, made in Indonesia but formulated at  Mandom Beauty Tokyo.


One of the special ingredients in this lotion is the origin honey without an alcohol and free with any oil. This cleansing lotion also 100% based on water. How to use it? Easy. Just pour a little bit of cleansing lotion into any cotton pad and gently swipe it all over your face and neck.


The moment you wipe off your makeup, the magic will occur as this will help to moisture your skin and instantly freshen your skin and clean any trace of dirt and excessive oil. The best part of it? You don't need to rinse off your face with water! 


Ewww, so dirty eh! I prefer to use this lotion to remove my face makeup more. Same functions with The Face Shop Cleansing Tissue as this is 100% remove any stubborn waterproof makeup. Its price start from RM 12 something like that based on any pharmacies of any selected outlet. Easiest way to get this cleansing lotion is from Guardian or Watsons as both of them carry variety of Pixy items.

I didn't compare both of them, it just that I shared both of it since it helps me a lot and play role on my skincare routine too. So, please don't misunderstood it ya?


Tadaaa! no makeup, no circle lens at all. And it just my....face. Hope you'll like my post this week and chao to watch "Sex and City" series.


March 12, 2015 • 05:55 • 4 cuties here.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! fuh, almost one month I left off my blog. Yah, you know la, my final exam is around the corner and I obviously can't wait to my semester break so that I could be a koala bear for a month and "qadar" my sleep. Muahaha.. 
I started to have back imsomnia. You know, student life la.

Okay, straight forward. I felt lazy to update my blog and talk mumbling bla bla bla here so here is my shorty blog post about my favourite food all the time. Can you guess what is my favourite food? Bet that you can said it through my blog post title there. Yeap peeps, my favourite food would definitely be an instant noodles of also known as "maggi" in Malaysia. Even me also wondering why on earth Malaysian people called it as "maggi". Perhaps from the brand I guess. See,how does brands can influence us? 


Introducing to you, Kimchi Instant Noodle by Super. So, why did I choose this flavour instead of others? well, it because kimchi was inside there! I am eager to give it myself a try on Kimchi since I never ever taste any Korean delicacies so this is my golden opportunity to try since it comes in instant noodles cup. Oh, Lol!

Last time when my mama wasn't around at home, I went to Aeon Big and get myself some foods there. Honest I say, when I strolled around shopping mall, especially around the supermarket, I tend to hit it at instant noodles self. Haha.. weird isn't it? But I just truly can't live without "maggi". LOL!
It is truly a must in my kitchen. Once you're a student just like me, then you will get it what I meant.


How its look like. Urgh, plain and dull eh!


An extra ingredients to add on! Um.. yum yum! 


Tadaa! Super Kimchi Instant Noodle has finally cooked and been add up with their additional ingredients with Kimchi on top of it!

What can I said is, this instant noodle is truly spicy and I'm okay with it since I'm also a huge lover of spicy food. I can't doubt of it. What I'm not certainly like here is that the kimchi is just so so-so. Means that it tasted like a plain veggie only. Hopefully, Super can improved on that. If you're a muslim just like me, fret not as it is 100% halal. this instant noodles also cheap on  size too.

Yeah, that's all I wanna said it folks. I wanna have some rest now, goodnight.


February 17, 2015 • 19:07 • 0 cuties here.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! Fuh, getting stress out the whole week and hopefully I can sleep soundly this Chinese New Year. Maybe just for a while I guess. 

Ho yeah, I can finally announced that I had officially have finished reading "Catatan Matlutfi" which is written by well known malay youtubers, Matlutfi90. Perhaps you outside the Malaysia might be unfamiliar with him but if you're same country just like me then if you don't know, then you are rugi(lost).

And here are some interesting and hilarious pages that makes me truly enjoy reading this book that I wanna share here with all of you. Hopefully that you're enjoying just like me too!  


Creative, interesting and.... what else ha?


Already knew that this book is going to be hilarious through a back cover. This is what we called "judge a book by its cover" tho. 


My most favorite one. "Do you love me?" "Partially" "What do you mean by partially'? "Well, love is blind and I rabun" #ayatrejectkejam



I'm wearing Colorpia contact lens in Vaute Violet.





Maka, kahwinilah saya.

The books is still available in all bookstores nationwide at RM25.00 each. If you lazy enough and got an active Twitter account, do follow the writer, Matlutfi @Matlutfi90.

Pss.. Hani, are you finish yet your HTML?


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February 14, 2015 • 07:58 • 0 cuties here.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! I shall up this post on last night but then fall asleep earlier since I'm exhausted since the day of this week you know! 

Last Saturday of the last week of January ( I think so) the three of us head on to Jubli Emas to celebrate her belated birthday (walhal sehari je pun). Happy birthday to you,dear! You're officially 20 now! May Allah bless you always! Can I have some rest and let the pictures do the talks please?hee..


Wow! You can see Nieda's happy face lol.




Thanks Nieda for the foods.


At first I didn't seem to show my interest to play bubbles but then I realized that I never ever play any one of it here in Jubli so why not I be a kid on that day?Aha. We rent for only RM 5.00 for a big for a whole day and you can refill it free if you want too.See? Ribena kids,lol.


Couldn't stop enjoying bubbly of life.



Flock of people on that evening at Jubli Emas.


The three of us.

I just wanna said that I am thankful enough for 6 and half years of our friendship. Thank you for having my back always and be there whenever I'm in trouble. Thanks buddies! Happy officially 20 once again to you, my dear Nur Fadzlina Bt Fadzli.


Konichiwa .

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