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January 27, 2015 • 09:55 • 2 cuties here.

Assalamualaikum and harlo everyone! Fuh, gotta said that I'm started to feel exhausted since last week. All did I see now is just a pillow and bed. Perhaps both of it are near me.  By the way, here is my recent stop during the first week of January 2015 of "makan-makan"(eat). I mean,come on,who doesn't resist of food huh? At first I am so eager to blog about this but then all of sudden the thunderous of assignment came in straight away. Can you just imagine it just week 5 but already thrill with assignment? Definitely pain in my ass la. And I was like,meh..later on la I blog.  I do keep to have the feeling of doing certain things on later on but then Uh-uh! No LATER ON PLEASE! Gotta blog somehow this week! Ahaha..

Okay okay,stop it. Let's makan(eat) shall we? Aha. I repeated again. During my first week of January 2015 I just drive through a Mergong and stop by at Deco Cafe next to a Mergong Caltex to dine in right after I finished off my class.  It's just a recent new launching restaurant that I realize and my old classmate from last semester also ever upload her photos on Instagram dining at there and I am so eager to give it try for the first time.


Not really crowded which I think I can dine in calmly and peace. On that day it was pretty hot and humid until I decided to eat inside rather than the outside of the cafe. Inside of it got an air-conditioner you know?  Even today was so hot until I got a nosebleed just now. Sumpah,no kidding gal!  But alhamdulillah, the blood flow from my nose is not as much as the pool could it be. LOL!


Simple! Lovin it!  I really like the seat that almost look alike a couch there. Urgh, I am not pro when it comes to describe the seat there eh! 


Do I tell you that I really like to hang and dine at the local cafe around my area, Alor Star? Yes, that's what I favour most in my place. Thumbs up, Alor Star for the improvement! Aha.


Coffee tender and the cashier.


Where is my food? Wo e le ( I'm hungry!) PS:Yes, I went there alone. At first I wanna ask my friend Farhana to join it too but then she got a class to finish and never mind la, I'm alone. Hehehe..


Yayy, my ordering food has finally arrived! I ordered Maryland Fried Chicken and Banana Shake on that day. Urgh, I deeply in love with their Banana Shake, man!  You might seen in this picture that the plate is small but your thought were absolutely wrong. The width of the plate is just so wide and long. Just like you can eat for a two persons instead.It is comes up with a meat burger with deep fried, chicken,sausages, dressing salad and their own dressing sauce.


Oh,it's Mister Potato chips hide below on the Maryland Fried Chicken there. Hi! Ahaha.


Malaysia Boleh!

All in all, I do think that the Deco Cafe design is simple as it could please with everyone.The food is also yummy. Still, I'm craving to eat it again LOL! The food prices started from RM13.80 onwards and pardon me for forgetting the prices of their drinks   . Psst, the Wi-Fi connection here is also as fast as lightning!

Shall I come again to dine in? For sure,YES! Come and taste it if you're in my area. I bet that you won't feel regret at all.

Right,off to finish my assignment first. Damn, mandarin quiz is coming on this Thursday! Grr..


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January 16, 2015 • 08:55 • 2 cuties here.

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! It's time for me to clear up my camera. I came to realize that I haven't done reviews for so loonggggg! Can you imagine how long is that? Yet, I don't exactly remember when was my last time writing on reviews. Ahaha.. 

Well, I guess this is the time for me to write reviews then.



Yeah,peeps! It's contact lenses! Woohoo! Couple of months ago, (before 2015 la ) I bought this one as I don't have any contact lenses to make my eyes outstanding. Eceh! Plus, I also having a bad eyes sight even my power just around 4.25. Do you think my power is too high? Hmm..oh,by the way   Contact lenses generally has become one of my most important cosmetics item in my life. My life wouldn't have been completed without it. LOL!  Oh. Pardon me for super blurry second picture as I took in night on that time. And here is a lenses description that you would interest to know more.

POWER: From 0.00 to 9.00 ( I summarized it all)

Wow! This is my first time seeing the manufactures came from Hong Kong eh! Usually the contact lenses were made in Korea and China but this, uh ah, NO NO! This is absolutely from Hong Kong.


Hannah, the well known Taiwanese model as their main ambassador for their contact lenses. Perhaps she is my side of the reason why I choose to buy this contact lenses. She is just so pretty on the packaging. Awww! 
 Did you know that the Playboy is mainly well known for their fragrances, shoes and fashion apparel and etc? And now, they do own their first ever series contact lenses!



Obviously you can see that there is a bunny logo at the edge of contact lenses which make it more nice and unique contact lenses. Honest I say, this is the unique contact lenses that I have try and wear it so far. I mean, come on, definitely it shown that this contact lenses is certainly genuine. So, you don't have to worry about it later on, ok? 

Here is my reviews on this contact lenses.

I always misunderstood it as Honey Almond. Is there any cookies outside there named Honey Almond? Woo, I wish there is. Aha. I decided to buy this color as I usually wear a brown contact lenses since the beginning I started to wear it. Sure I can't avoid the common color just like brown. Agree? Aha. The color is not as intense but I really like it as it makes this contact lenses more outstanding.

As I mentioned before, the design is simple with its own logo. Enough to prove that it is a genuine contact lenses.

I'm also often wearing contact lenses from 7.00 mm to 14.00 mm at least. Whenever I wear this contact lenses, it makes my eyes a little bit bigger than my original size of my eyes. Yes, a little bit only.So, there is no problem for that. Sorry, Playboy.

Comfortable is one of the most important parts when it comes to a contact lenses for me.It just gonna ruin your day if your contact lenses isn't comfort at all. I really really don't understand why on earth my left eye has to feel a bit burning sensation and yes, a shed tears while right eye are ALRIGHT! But then, my left eye are in better condition after 10-15 minutes after I put on my eyes. I can just give it 4 stars only as a burning won't last for a day but just take around few minutes only as my eyes still can see it. 

Different optic lenses shop do sell this Playboy contact lenses with a different prices. I bought this contact lenses in Pacific for RM40.00. If you wish to buy this too, then head on to Mydin Mall in Alor Mengkudu. There is an optic lenses shop which I can't remember its name but I promised that  they offering this contact lenses from only RM 30.00. Well unless you are in my area (Alor Setar) LOL! Which is why I don't put it together on details above since you'll get confuse easily. 

If you are in Malaysia then it would be much easier for you to shop this contact lenses at other optic lenses shop throughout my country. Easy,huh? 

Here are my photos wearing Playboy Honey Gold Contact Lenses.









Heck yeah, I do love snapping photos of half side of me.  
I do sincerely apologize as I wasn't pro enough snapping photos around my eyes but yeah,slowly learning it. Practice makes perfect. Hehe.

Let me summarize it all for tonight. I do love this contact lenses for an affordable price and its simple design and color but I hope that they can improve for its comfortability of the contact lenses. People definitely won't wear contact lenses if they don't feel comfort. But instead, they might throw it away just because of comfort. In my opinion la. Shall I buy it again? It's between both YES and NO  which I can't decide. Perhaps, yes I guess?

Guys, this is my first time writing reviews on contact lenses. Hopefully you can accept the flaws for this blog post. huhu..  . Gosh! I do feel backache already. Time to go now! Adios!



January 11, 2015 • 10:44 • 0 cuties here.




Assalamualaikum and hello everyone! Yeah,yeah,long time no see ha? Did you miss me like I miss you?bhaha.. I miss my blog more lol! By the way, a month before I started my new semester, I gotta chance to do my first ever henna hands tattoo. Pretty weird if I called it as tattoo? Or shall I pronounce it as an art? Perhaps both are the same, I do accept both tho. For your information, I got this henna at  Tesco Mergong(bridal stall nearby the elevator) for RM8.00 . If you addict enough with henna just like me (oh well,I am beginner fans of henna,ma) you can ask the sister to draw both of your hands at the same price! Cool, isn't it? 




I do feel that my hand make some movement..aha unless you understand what did I mean.Oh, I should give myself a try to draw henna on my hands later on.

Slice Of My Life:

This. Sucks.

2.43 AM already and I hope I can hit the sack peacefully. Sayonara!


December 20, 2014 • 06:03 • 2 cuties here.

Assalamualaikum and harlo everyone! While everybody enjoy watching AFF Suzuki Cup, me laying down on the carpet facing my mini HP Pavilion Laptop, Feel Good Gorillaz song playing on my ear..ok,enough crapping useless stuff! 

And Today.. I would like to share my new interest on Pandora. Honest I say, I am not a new fans of Pandora bracelet but then recently I started to fell in love with Pandora. Not the real Pandora, but more torwards on Pandora-Spired some more! 


Actually, its my mom who had change my perception on Pandora. I should thank her now,haha.. While wondering around Simpang Kuala's Pasar Tani ( day's market that usually for Friday only in Simpang Kuala) my mama saw some fancy and varieties of Pandora. On that time, I was busy looking a bling-bling Iphone case and she asked me "do you want some Pandora bracelet?" Well, I took almost one and half one to think about it. ( Eceh,yeke tu hanan oii?) Then, I look it and..yes,I agree to buy it one for me.



Now, it won't look dull anymore with GUESS watch and this bracelet on my wrist. 

So,watcha think? Yayy or nayy? Do leave comments below! I would love to know more!


Konichiwa .

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